Tuesday, February 2, 2010

At home

There's nothing like a Tuesday night, at-home facial. Presently, I sit perched on the edge of the couch, with the Panther lounging closely to my right and dried yogurt, honey and granola plastered on my face. 

Yes, folks, it is beauty time.

I am a bit fanatic about my skin.

I moisturize daily. And, by moisturize, I mean that I slather on two and sometimes three very thick coats of lotion on my face and one pasty layer over the rest of me every morning after my shower.

I use a special skin firming cream around my eyes. Which I apply with my ring fingers. And rub from the outside corners inward. Always. Never the other way, or WRINKLES. Aaah!

Whenever Will, being the generous, sweet, kind, incredibly loving Hubs that he is, gives me a facial rub to alleviate some of the pain from my sinuses, I always gently scold him:

Not around my eyes, babe! You'll give me wrinkles!

Sometimes, when Hubs is feeling cheeky, he will pull the skin on my face in opposing directions in an effort to contort my features. To which I again will gently scold:

Babe! Don't pull my skin! You're going to give me wrinkles! Do you want a wrinkly, old wife?

Whenever Griffin tries to yank my nose off my face or pull my eyes out with his little baby fingers, I always take his hand and, forehead to forehead, ask him in my most convincing baby voice:

Gwiffin, do you want Aunt Beezy to have wrinkles and have Unkie Wiw weave me for somebody younger and hotter and less wrinkly in a few years?

So tonight, after a rejuvenating scrub of sugar crystals in the shower, and a steam bath under a thick towel while poised over a steaming pot of water, and a thick slathering of homemade skin mask, I think that my skin will be ready for a new day.

Will you?


  1. I NEED this facial recipe. I use brown sugar, olive oil and cinnamon in the shower as a scrub but I need a good mask!!

  2. 1 tbsp finely ground oatmeal
    1 tbsp plain, live yogurt
    1 tsp of honey