Thursday, February 11, 2010


I love Thursdays. They are so full of promise--the promise for a break from all those things expected of you. It means that you just have 24 hours left to think non-stop about the weekend, plan your weekend, envision the delights in store for the weekend. And, that is a great feeling, because, let's face it, 24 hours of a Thursday is exponentially better than 24 hours of a Monday or a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

I even like the look of Thursday. Look at it:


Looking good, Thursday.

Thursday conjures up fantastic images of: 

$3 cosmos - You know that Thursday is the best because it is the last day of the week with Happy Hour specials and it is so close to the weekend that there is absolutely no guilt in partaking in a little celebratory (for the weekend, of course) libation.

$1 movies - From the movie box inside Publix. Note: Hubs and I are very poor. $1 movies are our friend and sole source of enjoyment and weekend partaying. Lame? Most definitely. Ashamed? Would I have just listed it if I was?

SLEEP - I always get enough sleep, but I sure do love to get a lot more of it on weekends when Hubs can enjoy it with me. No 4:30am mornings on Saturdays and Sundays!

PBS - Will and I love some PBS on the weekends. They have some great cooking shows. And, This Old House is fabulous. Will takes notes for future work on our future old home. I relish the old hardwoods and support my cause of historic preservation. Old buildings rock. Save one!

bargains - Thursday means 1 or 2 days until Will and I have the opportunity to bargain hunt for items that will allow me to release my creativity.

So, basically, here's to you, Thursday. May you always be thirsty, thrifty and thoughtfully close to the weekend!

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