Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was out to lunch with a coworker, indulging in a turkey wrap swathed in a toasty warm and freshly-made pita, when she innocently mentioned my ALL-TIME favorite show OF ALL TIME offhandedly as we discussed our tube-time vices.


She said, "Glee. I heard that was a pretty good show."


"Pretty good?" I nearly screamed, but couldn't thanks to the deliciously soft and yummy pita wad in my mouth. I finally situated my wrap into my left cheek and safely away from my throat, allowing enough room to say, "Its just the best thing that ever happened to TV, if you ask me."

Stream of consciousness as I chewed and swallowed my bite of wrap:

I mean it is the greatest thing ever. It has singlehandedly changed everything that we ever thought was great about TV. Its hilarious, entertaining, stereotypical, poignant, politically incorrect, joyous, heartbreaking and intoxicating. It left me singing, renewed my waning obsession with show tunes and gave me hope for TV future. It made me a better person.
What would my Wednesday nights last fall have been like without Glee?
What on earth did we do before Glee?
(cue dramatic gasp and grasping at the chest complete with heaving breaths)
How did I exist before Glee without Glee, having never known Glee?
(sudden piercing internal scream snaps me back to reality)

"I am seriously obsessed with that show," I said low and quickly and conspiratorily, checking over my shoulder to make sure no one was eavesdropping on one of TV's and life's greatest secrets.


"You should totally watch it. It starts again this April on Tuesdays," I said.

"Mark your calendar and planner and put a sticky note somewhere. Just don't forget, alright?" (Just kidding--I didn't really say that... out loud; I didn't hold my butter knife to her throat and threaten within an inch of her life either. Seriously, that was a joke.)

Also, Will adores the show almost as much as me, which has increased my own admiration by the millions.


So, anyways, now that you all think I am crazy, I will share with you my tied-for-first place clips from Glee, because I LOOOOOOOOVE it when people post music videos. Seriously, I do. Thanks to Ann Mak's recent post, I have rediscovered my love for Jay Z. Thanks, Ann!

This is by far the best performance those talented cast and crew members put together for our viewing pleasure:

And, like Jay Z, Beyonce, you are amazing. I bow at your feet. I am also extremely jealous that I don't know this dance. Enjoy: 

What are your tube-time vices?

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