Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's your brand?

On the Today Show this morning, they had a marketing executive talking about the importance of branding yourself. He pointed out Donald Trump, who puts his name on everything that he owns. Then, he mentioned Martha Stewart and her perfect empire of sheets, towels, crafts and cooking demos.

And, then he discussed his own brand, which was marked by a business card with a dog-eared corner, inspired by the fans, who brought dog-eared copies of his books for his autograph. He even dog-ears his letterheads.

Crazy, but unique. I would remember it.

It got me thinking about my brand.

I am in the perfect position to begin creating my brand and marketing it. I am not technically an employee of Historic Columbia Foundation. I function there as an intern at times, and then as a contract researcher, where I essentially hire myself out to patrons, who come to them for research.

But, what would my brand be?

As all of my friends know, I am slightly obsessed with bird decor. (I received at least 4 Christmas presents pertaining to birds.) But, a symbol of a bird has really nothing to do with historic preservation and research.

My one true love of historic preservation is old buildings. I think then that my brand would have to be an old building or building materials. Maybe, I will begin the creation of my brand tonight. I can utilize Will's photoshop skills and come up with something extraordinary.

I will keep you all posted.

What's your brand?

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