Sunday, February 7, 2010

House Wares and Wants

There are many things in life that I cannot wait to do. Decorating my very own house is one of them. 

Let's explore my design philosophy through a display of all things home-related that Google proudly displayed at just one click of the "search" button.

Let's begin with reality.
I purchased this table yesterday on a shopping trip with TuTu, Mare and G (from here on known as "Milk Monster"). I originally fell in love with this table over Christmas, when I literally stumbled upon it at Pier1, where it cost a whopping $50. I got it for $24.99. I couldn't be happier about it and the hopes that we will one day very soon have a place big enough that it can be seen and not have to be stuck between the couch and the wall.

Now, for all those hopes and dreams:

You chair would look fabulous next to my knit upholstered couch, resting atop our 25+ year old Oriental rug (inherited from Mom and Dad). When will you come home to me? 
Take your time though. Our couch barely fits in our apartment now.

Hello, lover otherwise known as a porcelain farmhouse sink and the butter to my bread. One day, we shall be together for the rest of our lives.
You, my friend, are fabulous. You would look good just about anywhere. 

There are no words to describe my complete infatuation with this kitchen. Ssshhhh.... No talkie.

You would look wonderful at the end of my bed, in like a year, when there is more than a foot of space there. Till then.

Now, that is how you treat a window, because we all know how much of a good time those windows can have.

**Warning** This is not a style blog. This is just a post about home style and decor within the confines of a blog about the marriage of two crazy kids, who are set to endure the freezing temperatures and weak cell phone signal of the Allegheny mountains in WV. Medical School to commence in 180 days and counting down. 179, 178, 177, 176....

******ALSO TO COME: Hear how my Hunter Boots dream came true! And how I am now completely and utterly proud to be painted RED.

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  1. These are all GORGEOUS--we have similar dream houses, it looks like. :)