Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Accomplishments of 2009

I am currently at work, working very hard actually, scanning a ton of pictures to earn my keep. But, during the scanning, which takes about 3 minutes per picture, I am bored with nothing to occupy my time. So, I have decided to make a list of mine (and some of Will's) accomplishments of 2009.

1. college graduate  Thank you very much! My GPA wasn't exactly what I wanted (no thanks to the close proximity of the beach and the constant urge to skip class), but it was higher than a 3.5, so who can complain? I graduated with two BAs in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing and the other in Historic Preservation and Community Planning. HP is my one true love. I can't wait to see where it takes me.

2.  married one hunk of a dream man   But, duh, you all already knew that.

3. parental/financial independence   Well, almost. My dad paid my car taxes this past fall, but in the spring, we're footing the bill. Yikes. Nothing is scarier than knowing that you have to make your own money to survive. And, nothing is a bigger reality than facing the fact that money makes the world turn.

4. moved to a new city   I know that Columbia isn't much of a city, but it is very new to me and took (and is still taking) quite a bit of adjustment. Take for instance, the hills that I have yet to trust, being a staunch Pee Dee swamplander, make for interesting driving situations. Also, the fact that this place that I now call home just isn't Charleston has been the hardest bullet to bite. I may never get over that city by the sea and I hope that I never do!

5. went somewhere that required a passport  And, it was for my honeymoon, which means that it was with that hunk of a dream man. And, it was also the Domincan Republic, which is just awesome!! Don't drink the water there, though. Trust me.

6. said goodbye to 21  That was a sad day. I still forget that I'm 22.

7.  started this here blog   That I have been committed to and have not abandoned. For my procrastinating self this blog has had a pretty good track record with me. I'm quite proud.

 8. WILL IS OFFICIALLY A MEDICAL STUDENT  I would like to shout that one from the rooftops. I couldn't be prouder of my hunk of a dream man.

Ok, I'm all out of accomplishments. What a short list. We will have to get started on next year's list this Friday. I'm going to make sure it is a good, long list.

Here's looking at you, kid, one year from now..

So, here are a few pictures sent to me from the Director of the Greenbrier Historical Society in Lewisburg, WV. They capture perfectly the Blizzard of '09, a record-setting snow the likes of which haven't been seen in that town since '95.

She lives 30 minutes outside of the city, where they received a whopping 30 inches!!!

Here are pictures of the downtown:

Downtown received a mere 18 inches. No biggie!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Fo-toes (Because I'm impatient)

The tree looked so happy with all of those presents under it!!!

Will got a vest, bathrobe, pajama pants, a travel mug and handkerchiefs from his wifey.

I got my super hot boots, a feather headband, an awesome necklace, great sweater and fish wellies that haven't come yet from the Hubs.

It was just the best Christmas ever.

And, what did the Panther get for Christmas?
A water bottle to squirt in her general direction when she's being naughty. Ha.

The Sweetest Christmas

So, Will and I successfully had our very first Christmas as a married couple. It went by so quickly. I can hardly believe that its over, and I'm a little sad, as usual, when all of the holiday fun is over. I think I understand now why some people start decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving. It just makes it last that much longer.

I look at our tree that is still a beautiful shade of evergreen--and, it is still just half-lit, but that's ok, I kind of like it that way now--and think that Christmas must still be a week away. But, its not. And now, all that I have to look forward to is the dismantling of all the Christmas magic and my $125 gift card to JCrew (YESSS!! Thanks Mare and TuTu).

I have quite a few pictures that I can't wait to share with all of you that will provide just a little more insight into the First Jackson Christmas. But, those will have to wait. Sometimes, I think that I use pictures as a shortcut to the story, when really I should be telling you the story with words, not pictures. I think that you are all smart enough to appreciate that. Still, I know the appeal of pictures and maybe the un-appeal of paragraph after paragraph of monotonous words. So, give me a day to organize myself and my camera.

I wish that I could say that Will and I started some full proof traditions this year, but I'm not really sure that we did. There were no stockings (because I couldn't find any that I liked, and the ones that I liked were too expensive and we are poor; very poor). There was no Christmas movie upon completion of the tree decorating, because we don't have a DVD player and money to rent the DVD. (Pathetic, right?) But, we did put on/hold/display all of the gifts that we had given each other and posed in front of the tree amidst the wrapping paper and boxes that contained said gifts and took some photos. Those photos (pronounced "fo-toes"; haltingly) are to come. I hope that they make you laugh.

Late night Christmas Eve with an opera choir belting out some tunes on our too big TV and Will and I knee deep in wrapping paper giving each other unexpected, surprising but much appreciated gifts was truly magical. That was the best night ever. Laughing and hugging and kissing after each gift was opened, shouting, "I would have never expected this in a million years!" Or, "Wow, babe, you did so good." "I did good? Really?" "You did great. Really." "I love you." "I love you more." "I love this!!"

It was wonderful. I want to relive it. And, hopefully I will each time I put on the black feathered headband or beaded necklace or fish-covered wellies or blue knit sweater that he gave me. The magic of Christmas is here to stay!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas time is here...

Well, a lot has happened since my last post, almost a week ago. Will and I have attended 2 Christmas parties, been locked out of the cottage, exchanged early gifts and spent a ton of money (that we don't have--by the way--is that a problem?--yeah, it is). Oops.

Shall I bore you all with a detailed list of all that we have done, analyzing each episode of our life and what it will mean for our future and might mean for the future of generations to come?


I'm sick of "update" postings. I know that you must be as well.

I think that instead I will expose Will and I for the procrastinators that we are. We still have to receive one present in the mail (fingers crossed that it comes before Christmas), get two others and make one!!!!!! Yikes. There aren't enough hours in the day. I have never been a person that Christmas just sneaks up on. I count down for this holiday beginning in September. But, I [and Will (especially)] cannot shake our lazy tail feathers long enough to complete our Christmas shopping list before Christmas Eve. I still haven't even wrapped one gift!

What is wrong with me?

I don't feel lazy. I must be in denial. And, Will is just as bad (if not worse than me)!

It is at times like these that I wish I was a little more like my mother. She's had presents wrapped and under the tree for weeks now. How does she do it!?

I need a life secretary.

PS-I can't wait to show you all the DIY Christmas present that Will and I will be making all tonight and tomorrow. Its awesome! I would tell you now, but I don't want to spoil it for the people who will be receiving it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is what I miss


The one thing that Columbia has yet to offer me is girlfriends in order to have a proper girls' night! But, even if it did, I just don't think that it would be the same.

I never had as much fun as I did this particular night. We bar-hopped it up and in style, too! We were driven around the city in the back of a limo. Oh yeah! Margaret stole an apron from Blind Tiger, wore it as we danced at Trio and had everyone sign it (most were people that we didn't know), because she was going back to Kansas that next week. That was so so sad, but one of the funnest nights ever!

If I remember correctly, Elizabeth boogied her booty off and Lane wheeled and dealed our sweet ride around town.

It was just the best. I miss you girls so much!!!!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Browned to buttery perfection.

Aren't these Cornish hens beautiful?

They tasted pretty darn good, too.

So, Will and I are in the market for a new laptop. I know that I had a blog memorial service for my laptop a few months back, when it blue-screened that simple word of finality, "stop." Well, after a few days of rest, I tried the power button and it came back on. I soon figured out that the fan was unable to cool off the computer because we keep it on top of our faux-leather ottoman. So, it rarely blue screens anymore, but trying to keep this beast of a computer charged is even more of a challenge. And, frankly, I and Will are both very sick of it. So, we are anxiously awaiting our tax return and the chance to buy the best laptop out there. Yay!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

What WV will look like..

This was Will being a wimp and curling up in the warmth of the truck's heater during the 40 degree Surfside Beach Christmas parade. I braved the cold temps the whole time!! Go me!

Well, at least this is what we will probably look like in WV

I have been talking to the Director of the Greenbrier Historical Society a lot lately :) and she keeps me updated on the temperature.

This past Friday, it was 15 degrees.

I can barely handle 45 degrees. Oh boy.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Here are many, many pictures. To you, from me with love.

First, we have the Christmas pictures.

This is the door ornament that I made.Total cost: $3


"You'll do, tree."

Going home...

The tree is still only half lit (don't judge!).

Christmas music on the laptop and a twinkling tree.

Sparkling wine with raspberry toast for such a great day!

And, now, for the super cool, totally awesome and beautiful handmade (by me!) silk flower brooch. Can you tell that I am proud of and excited about it!? You aren't ready for these model shots! Seriously, you aren't. They're pretty rough, but hilarious.

Total cost to make: $3

What do you think?
I'm making a belt next. And Mare is in store for a totally cool headband as soon as I find some good flowers and get inspired!

Goodnight all.

I swear

that I will post pictures of our Christmas-ized cottage tonight. I swear!!!

First, I have to run out to Big Lots to get more lights. Then, undecorate the bottom half of the tree. Remove the bad lights. String the good lights. And finally, redecorate the tree. Oh yeah, and I need to vacuum up all of the needles from the tree that the Panther has knocked down during her playtime.

I am also almost finished with my homemade silk flower broach. It is deep purple with a sparkly center! Its gorgeous. I will post a picture with me modeling it! (I know you can't wait for that! If any of you remember the disaster of my "modeling" attempts for wedding pictures, you should be wary of this novice model shoot that is coming your way.)

I hope that you are all enjoying the blog's festive makeover! I can't decide if I'm digging it yet or not. The background always comes out way bigger than it is supposed to, and I'm just not a computer genius (unfortunately). I bet Larry could fix it!

Will and I are heading to Surfside Beach this weekend with my parents and my lil bro (who is much bigger than me and just killed his first deer; yikes!). We are going to the Christmas parade on Saturday. I'm looking forward to this winter, beach weekend. I love the beach this time of year, because there are no tourists, just the locals. It offers a glimpse into a community that is so many times overrun by visitors, who oftentimes are loud, pretentious and disrespectful. I will be sure to take loads of pictures of Will doing all of the yard work that my dad has planned for him! Ha.

Now to totally switch topic and explore one of my daily day dreams: Where and in What Will and I Will Be Living in WV

This is what the This Old House website had to say about Lewisburg, WV:

Lewisburg, West Virginia

The Neighborhood

Outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and old-house buffs find common ground in Lewisburg. The Allegheny Mountain town boasts hundreds of historic homes, churches, and public buildings, all set in an outdoor paradise known for its fishing, hiking, and canoeing. This 200-plus-year-old community is featured in The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America and is home to the Greenbrier Valley Theatre and a Carnegie Hall—affiliated performing arts center.

The Houses
While some homes here date to the late 1700s, most were built in the early 19th century. Styles include hand-hewn log cabins, brick Federals, and Victorian-era cottages with plenty of gingerbread details.

I will go ahead and admit that I only picture us living in a house if: A) said house is 75 years+ old, B) that's it.

I would love to live here:

Preferably on the third floor. And, I mean the whole third floor. Will is semi-obsessed with the idea of living in a loft, and I am all for it. I think a building like this could offer us just as much as we could offer it. It would be painted in varying hues of blue and green with accents of white and burnt orange. You can take the girl from the coast but you can't take the coast from the girl!

This is a building somewhere in downtown Lewisburg. I hope and pray daily that I will walk into some awesome opportunities upon moving there. And, I secretly hope and dream and pray that it will be a sweet living situation like this. I bet the third floor of the above building is vacant and in desperate need of some TLC that I am more than willing to give it.

My most recent daydream:
I will get a great job with the historical society that will own a building like the above building. And, that they will offer me as part of my salary, free living space on the upper floors!!!!


But, I can dream, right?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Well, our tree is decked almost to completion. Unfortunately, the very old strands of lights that I inherited from the parents did not shine this year. This means that currently only half of our tree is lit. (So, this in turn means that pictures will not be posted until it is shining and finished and perfect!) I am making the ubiquitous Wal-Mart run as soon as G-Riffin wakes up from his little snooze. On the list: Christmas lights, silk flowers (do they exist?? and where??) for a home-made art project and some white v-neck t's.

This will be our first adventure as nephew and aunt. I hope that it will be a great one! We shall see.

I am planning on making a silk flower broach and a ribbon belt with silk flower applique. I am not exactly sure how to do either of these things, but I think that I can figure it out. The only trouble seems to be finding silk flowers. I have looked at Wal-Mart already and Hobby Lobby with no success. I wasn't looking very hard though, which is not unusual. So, I'm going to try again!

I will be sure to post pictures of my success and failures (hopefully none). I've been feeling so creative lately, and writing, which usually works has not been my fix. So, off to artland I trek!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Long enough....

Well, I figured that it had been long enough since my last post. I don't know what came over me. 2 weeks ago, I had to practice extreme restraint to keep me from blogging multiple times a day. But lately, the last thing that I have wanted to do is blog.

Well, the silence is over. I'm here to blog. Read and beware.

I think that I will catch all of my faithful readers up on the goings-on of the Jackson household. This post could then turn out to be one of two things: 1) fascinatingly interesting and entertaining or 2) exceedingly boring and rambling and everything not good about a blog post.

I guess the only way to find out is to begin. So, hold your breath and scroll.

But, don't really hold your breath.

But, do scroll.

First thing's first: Thanksgiving.

Whirlwind is the best word to describe my second favorite holiday. I can hardly believe that it was just last week. It might have something to do with the enormous amount of stress I was under that has created this fog of memories. I knew that with marriage came the inevitable rock of my holiday world, but I had no idea what to expect.

Unfortunately, Will and I hadn't exactly finalized our plans. And, by finalized, I mean excelled (think: Microsoft Excel--the best organizational tool EVER) our day into 15 minute increments. I was panic-stricken that I might miss something. Well, I did miss something. I missed Thanksgiving dinner with my family. But, don't worry, we ate. We had a fabulous dinner at Will's mother's house with most of his family. It was just different. It wasn't what usually happened on Thanksgiving. It was weird. And, it hurt. A little bit. But, Will and I are slowly but surely beginning our own traditions. I am so excited about this new phenomenon, but there's still a little room for mourning the way things used to be and never will be again. And, I did mourn just a little bit, bursting into tears in the shower, before the big day even began. Will held me and comforted me, and although I spent the rest of the day a little sad, I still enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as a married couple.

I love you, Thanksgiving. I love you, tradition. I love you, my NEW HUGE FAMILY. And, I love that this is just the beginning of something so New and so BEAUTIFUL. Bring on the change.

Lucky you that I didn't submit you all to the habitual list of all of the things for which I am most thankful! Numero uno reason why I didn't post on Thanksgiving day. You can thank me later.


My boots arrived. They are perfect. They are beautiful. I am in love with them.


Work is work is work is work is work. It keeps me busy and I am very thankful for all of the wonderful experience that I am gaining.

Christmas Decorations.

Now, for my most favorite holiday of all. This past Sunday, I put away my Fall decorations, which consist of a wreath of fall leaves (fake of course), 2 pumpkin figurines, 2 real pumpkins and two little hand towels with Jack-O-lanterns on them. I was so excited to put out my Christmas decorations, until I realized that I don't have any. Well, that's not exactly true. I have a good bit of tree decorations but sadly with no tree to put them on. However, the problem arose when I went to accessorize the cottage! The only things to put around the house were two red hand towels with snowmen on them. That's it!(I just can't make myself count the Christmas-themed tissue box in the bathroom as decor.)

Needless to say, I went decor shopping yesterday at, dun dah dun, Dollar General and Dollar Tree. I found so much cute stuff!!! I think that I am now in love with these two stores. What right did I have to be such a dollar snob? I am truly ashamed of myself. I will punctually take pictures of all of my new, cute decorations and post them for all to see. I also made my own big, red ribbon with huge Christmas balls on it to crown the front door. We will see how successful it is, and I might post a picture of it. It was my first attempt at bow-making, so be nice.

Will informed me the other day of what he wants as our Christmas tradition. Said tradition:

-decorate the tree
-oldies but goodies Christmas music in the background
-very large mug of hot chocolate in hand
-our favorite (at the moment) Christmas movie to be viewed upon completion of decorating

Sounds marvelous, babe. I can't wait to start traditioning with you!

Ok. I think that is all for now. I hate a blog post sans picture, but I will bombard you with shots of decor next time (actually, probably later on tonight). I feel my blog fever returning, so it shouldn't be too long for my next post!