Saturday, February 6, 2010

What I Want

Since I probably won't be able to buy or achieve many of the things that I want until 2015, when Will and i will finally have some excess cash (maybe?) and some free time (perhaps?), I am going to blog about them.

And then, I will drool.

Here is what I want:

A cameo ring. Something that I have ALWAYS wanted, but have yet to afford.

A collared necklace, because its totally chic, but funky. I want one. Bad. Come to think of it, I could probably make it quite easily. I might just have to try.

In my dreams, I look just like this.

I need some chunky heels. These would do just fine.

 I love, love, love, love these boots. They're Hunters. West Virginia called and said that they were a must.

Our couch is in desperate need of a new slipcover. How awesome would a knit slipcover be??? So warm and cozy and comfy, especially on freezing cold and snowy WV nights.

This picture makes me short of breath. Want. Need. Gotta have. Every head chef needs Le Creuset cookware.

I love my Longchamp backpack. It epitomizes shoulder freedom. After 2.5 years, mine is looking a little rough. I think its time for a replacement.

Umm.... yes, please? My laptop is on its ninth life as we speak. It might not make it through the night. I would love a laptop that didn't weigh 8 lbs that I could take with me anywhere. A Macbook would be perfection.

I'm so sick of my TJMAXX specials. I need some serious sunglasses. These would do just fine.

I am currently the very proud owner of two shirt dresses. I could always use another. You can never have to many. They are way too versatile.

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