Friday, February 5, 2010


I am really, really annoyed this morning.

1) I woke up circa-4:30am with a splitting, throbbing head ache. Hot spots: under my eyes, above my eye, over my ears, SINUSES. No matter how I positioned my head on the pillow, my head just ached and ached. The kicker: I was too exhausted to get up and do anything about it. And, Hubs? Well, he felt terrible all night and even worse this morning. So, I didn't have the heart to ask for some medi, some sweet Hubs-kisses and head rub. I suffered in bed, tossing and turning until I finally could take it no longer and got up at 6:50am.

2) The Panther. I love you, kitty, but you get under my feet. And, as mommy came stumbling out of her bedroom this morning, you tripped her up 3 times! Then, you gnawed on the tape that holds up our door insulation. You know, the tape that you always eat and then throw up. And then, you situated yourself directly under the step taken by my right foot as I stepped away from the coffee maker with hot, hot coffee in hand. You screeched. I burned myself. I love you, Panther, but you annoyed me this morning.

3) I couldn't wait to get up and finish watching Julie&Julia this morning. I started it last night with Hubs, who had to go to bed without finishing it. I just had to go with him. However, when I went to finish it this morning, the batteries that we use with both remotes (you know, loading and unloading them for whichever remote we need then) would not work in the TV remote, and alas, I could not turn the TV to Input 1. Uggghhh. So much for that.

4) Its raining. Well, big surprise. I hate Columbia. When it rains.

5) Its cold. Miserably cold. I think that I will actually be able to handle WV. At least, it will be cold with snow that you can brush off of you without getting too wet. But rain and cold. I just can't take it anymore!

Now, the things that make me happy in the hopes that this day will not be a complete disaster.

1) Hubs. He rocks my world.

2) The thick wool socks that my mom gave me for Christmas.

3) The space heater.

4) Aunt Gerry's salty sourdough bread that is the BEST breakfast ever.

5) Thick lotion.

Here's to a very annoyed morning turning into a GREAT day!

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