Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The new box.

Maybe, you have noticed the new box to the right. The one that replaced the fish.

Maybe not?

Great! Don't look!

Confession: That little box makes me feel kind of like a sell-out.

This is why it is there:  

So, I was sitting at the computer last night--on the Big Daddy computer, Will's desktop, that we eventually broke down and moved out to the living room. Why, you might ask? Well, because my laptop has officially died. Its ninth life has come and gone. So, rather than having to sit in our cold, lonely and dark cave of a bedroom to access the computer, we decided to move it out into the only slightly warmer, much brighter and friendlier living room/dining room/kitchen. I digress. 

So, I was sitting at the computer last night, feeling just a little sorry for myself (yet again), pondering my lack of income (as usual) and mourning the loss of freedom provided by my laptop (ie: sitting comfortably on the couch by Hubs with computer in lap), and I started to think. 

I started to think about different ways that I could make money. Legal, morally acceptable ways to make money (because movies like Blow and Oceans 11 appeal far too much to my fantasy, leading me to believe that a life of crime would be a piece of cake and a great and fast and seemingly easy way of cash attainment through the inevitable drug deal and casino robbery: PIECE O' CAKE, I say), when I remembered an article that I read in Mare's Glamour magazine about a blogger who makes $30,000 a year off of advertisements on her blog.




And, then I thought,

I could do that--
rather, I could try to do that.

Would it work?

How much could I possibly make?

Am I being totally and completely narcissistic and self-centered to think that there is enough traffic on my blog to produce any sort of income? (Probably.)

And, then I thought,

even if there was enough traffic on my blog (which is HIGHLY LAUGHABLE by the way, considering I have a mere 9 followers, who I love dearly with all of my heart; you know my soul), why on earth would anyone actually interact with the ad?

And, then I thought,

do I even interact with ads?


Will I ever?

Probably not.

But, then I thought,

why not?

Would it be in the way?


Would it be a distraction?

Maybe, but this day and age, we are bombarded with advertisements every second of every day in all places, and yet we find a way to make it through the day, to cope with our material world (of which I am totally a material girl).

And, then I thought,
why shouldn't I at least try to make a little money? Is it such a bad thing?

I mean, blogging isn't my job. Its a hobby that I enjoy. And, people get paid for hobbies all the time. And, I am going to blog no matter if there is an ad there or not or whether I am being paid for it or not, 

so why not try it out?

Especially since I am technically unemployed at the moment.

Ouch, first time actually typing it out loud.

And, then I thought (because I was quite the thinker last night),

If I make money, great. If I don't, I don't. 

So, I signed up for Google AdSense, and now, I have an ad. 

I hope you all (all 9 of you) understand and don't judge me. 

I have already decided that any money I do make off the ad will go into a NEW LAPTOP FUND.

That way, I won't be using Hubs' hard earned cash for my selfish means, which was really, honestly and truly the main motivation for the ad. I feel so incredibly guilty spending the money that Will makes on things for myself. 

And, that is the truth.


  1. Don't feel like a sell-out! I'm planning on doing ads, too, the next time my laziness recedes and I around to setting it all up. You're spending time on your blog, and working on it--why not get money out of it if you can? Plus, it doesn't make your blog any less fun to read! I hope you get TONS of ad money and earn that new laptop :)

  2. you're right! thanks! also, the setup was reeeaaallly easy. i used google adsense that is offered by blogger. when you got to your dashboard, you can click on monetize to begin. it took 5 mins. good luck!