Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Accomplishments of 2009

I am currently at work, working very hard actually, scanning a ton of pictures to earn my keep. But, during the scanning, which takes about 3 minutes per picture, I am bored with nothing to occupy my time. So, I have decided to make a list of mine (and some of Will's) accomplishments of 2009.

1. college graduate  Thank you very much! My GPA wasn't exactly what I wanted (no thanks to the close proximity of the beach and the constant urge to skip class), but it was higher than a 3.5, so who can complain? I graduated with two BAs in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing and the other in Historic Preservation and Community Planning. HP is my one true love. I can't wait to see where it takes me.

2.  married one hunk of a dream man   But, duh, you all already knew that.

3. parental/financial independence   Well, almost. My dad paid my car taxes this past fall, but in the spring, we're footing the bill. Yikes. Nothing is scarier than knowing that you have to make your own money to survive. And, nothing is a bigger reality than facing the fact that money makes the world turn.

4. moved to a new city   I know that Columbia isn't much of a city, but it is very new to me and took (and is still taking) quite a bit of adjustment. Take for instance, the hills that I have yet to trust, being a staunch Pee Dee swamplander, make for interesting driving situations. Also, the fact that this place that I now call home just isn't Charleston has been the hardest bullet to bite. I may never get over that city by the sea and I hope that I never do!

5. went somewhere that required a passport  And, it was for my honeymoon, which means that it was with that hunk of a dream man. And, it was also the Domincan Republic, which is just awesome!! Don't drink the water there, though. Trust me.

6. said goodbye to 21  That was a sad day. I still forget that I'm 22.

7.  started this here blog   That I have been committed to and have not abandoned. For my procrastinating self this blog has had a pretty good track record with me. I'm quite proud.

 8. WILL IS OFFICIALLY A MEDICAL STUDENT  I would like to shout that one from the rooftops. I couldn't be prouder of my hunk of a dream man.

Ok, I'm all out of accomplishments. What a short list. We will have to get started on next year's list this Friday. I'm going to make sure it is a good, long list.

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