Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sweetest Christmas

So, Will and I successfully had our very first Christmas as a married couple. It went by so quickly. I can hardly believe that its over, and I'm a little sad, as usual, when all of the holiday fun is over. I think I understand now why some people start decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving. It just makes it last that much longer.

I look at our tree that is still a beautiful shade of evergreen--and, it is still just half-lit, but that's ok, I kind of like it that way now--and think that Christmas must still be a week away. But, its not. And now, all that I have to look forward to is the dismantling of all the Christmas magic and my $125 gift card to JCrew (YESSS!! Thanks Mare and TuTu).

I have quite a few pictures that I can't wait to share with all of you that will provide just a little more insight into the First Jackson Christmas. But, those will have to wait. Sometimes, I think that I use pictures as a shortcut to the story, when really I should be telling you the story with words, not pictures. I think that you are all smart enough to appreciate that. Still, I know the appeal of pictures and maybe the un-appeal of paragraph after paragraph of monotonous words. So, give me a day to organize myself and my camera.

I wish that I could say that Will and I started some full proof traditions this year, but I'm not really sure that we did. There were no stockings (because I couldn't find any that I liked, and the ones that I liked were too expensive and we are poor; very poor). There was no Christmas movie upon completion of the tree decorating, because we don't have a DVD player and money to rent the DVD. (Pathetic, right?) But, we did put on/hold/display all of the gifts that we had given each other and posed in front of the tree amidst the wrapping paper and boxes that contained said gifts and took some photos. Those photos (pronounced "fo-toes"; haltingly) are to come. I hope that they make you laugh.

Late night Christmas Eve with an opera choir belting out some tunes on our too big TV and Will and I knee deep in wrapping paper giving each other unexpected, surprising but much appreciated gifts was truly magical. That was the best night ever. Laughing and hugging and kissing after each gift was opened, shouting, "I would have never expected this in a million years!" Or, "Wow, babe, you did so good." "I did good? Really?" "You did great. Really." "I love you." "I love you more." "I love this!!"

It was wonderful. I want to relive it. And, hopefully I will each time I put on the black feathered headband or beaded necklace or fish-covered wellies or blue knit sweater that he gave me. The magic of Christmas is here to stay!

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