Thursday, December 10, 2009

I swear

that I will post pictures of our Christmas-ized cottage tonight. I swear!!!

First, I have to run out to Big Lots to get more lights. Then, undecorate the bottom half of the tree. Remove the bad lights. String the good lights. And finally, redecorate the tree. Oh yeah, and I need to vacuum up all of the needles from the tree that the Panther has knocked down during her playtime.

I am also almost finished with my homemade silk flower broach. It is deep purple with a sparkly center! Its gorgeous. I will post a picture with me modeling it! (I know you can't wait for that! If any of you remember the disaster of my "modeling" attempts for wedding pictures, you should be wary of this novice model shoot that is coming your way.)

I hope that you are all enjoying the blog's festive makeover! I can't decide if I'm digging it yet or not. The background always comes out way bigger than it is supposed to, and I'm just not a computer genius (unfortunately). I bet Larry could fix it!

Will and I are heading to Surfside Beach this weekend with my parents and my lil bro (who is much bigger than me and just killed his first deer; yikes!). We are going to the Christmas parade on Saturday. I'm looking forward to this winter, beach weekend. I love the beach this time of year, because there are no tourists, just the locals. It offers a glimpse into a community that is so many times overrun by visitors, who oftentimes are loud, pretentious and disrespectful. I will be sure to take loads of pictures of Will doing all of the yard work that my dad has planned for him! Ha.

Now to totally switch topic and explore one of my daily day dreams: Where and in What Will and I Will Be Living in WV

This is what the This Old House website had to say about Lewisburg, WV:

Lewisburg, West Virginia

The Neighborhood

Outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and old-house buffs find common ground in Lewisburg. The Allegheny Mountain town boasts hundreds of historic homes, churches, and public buildings, all set in an outdoor paradise known for its fishing, hiking, and canoeing. This 200-plus-year-old community is featured in The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America and is home to the Greenbrier Valley Theatre and a Carnegie Hall—affiliated performing arts center.

The Houses
While some homes here date to the late 1700s, most were built in the early 19th century. Styles include hand-hewn log cabins, brick Federals, and Victorian-era cottages with plenty of gingerbread details.

I will go ahead and admit that I only picture us living in a house if: A) said house is 75 years+ old, B) that's it.

I would love to live here:

Preferably on the third floor. And, I mean the whole third floor. Will is semi-obsessed with the idea of living in a loft, and I am all for it. I think a building like this could offer us just as much as we could offer it. It would be painted in varying hues of blue and green with accents of white and burnt orange. You can take the girl from the coast but you can't take the coast from the girl!

This is a building somewhere in downtown Lewisburg. I hope and pray daily that I will walk into some awesome opportunities upon moving there. And, I secretly hope and dream and pray that it will be a sweet living situation like this. I bet the third floor of the above building is vacant and in desperate need of some TLC that I am more than willing to give it.

My most recent daydream:
I will get a great job with the historical society that will own a building like the above building. And, that they will offer me as part of my salary, free living space on the upper floors!!!!


But, I can dream, right?

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