Thursday, December 10, 2009


Here are many, many pictures. To you, from me with love.

First, we have the Christmas pictures.

This is the door ornament that I made.Total cost: $3


"You'll do, tree."

Going home...

The tree is still only half lit (don't judge!).

Christmas music on the laptop and a twinkling tree.

Sparkling wine with raspberry toast for such a great day!

And, now, for the super cool, totally awesome and beautiful handmade (by me!) silk flower brooch. Can you tell that I am proud of and excited about it!? You aren't ready for these model shots! Seriously, you aren't. They're pretty rough, but hilarious.

Total cost to make: $3

What do you think?
I'm making a belt next. And Mare is in store for a totally cool headband as soon as I find some good flowers and get inspired!

Goodnight all.

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