Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ode to Random

On my stove is a very large pot of homemade vegetable soup. In it is 1 fresh cabbage, fresh carrots, fresh potatoes (yukon gold and new), fresh corn just cut off the cob, 3 garlic cloves, one yellow onion, a bag of frozen butter beans, a bag of frozen field peas, 2 cans of crushed tomatoes, 2 cans of beef broth, braised beef tips, 3 cups of water, a good bit of salt, lots of pepper and some chili powder for good measure. To go with it, there will be white rice and cornbread. Yum.

To say I've been busy this morning is an understatement.

I have also completed house identifications for a walking tour I have developed, gone to the grocery store, cleaned the whole bathroom (messed up grout and all), gone to BB&B and bought the salt and pepper grinders that I always wanted (to replace the crappy ones that we registered for) and am currently waiting on my cookie dough to chill.

Because: I am making Nutella sandwiches with fresh raspberries.

Who are the lucky people coming to my house tonight you might be wondering? Well, they are just a few members of our wonderful family. And, oh boy, are they in for a treat. Freshly brewed sweet tea, too.

Will is crouched over a bike that he just bought. Its in our living room, behind our couch. That makes 3 bikes that are currently perched somewhere within our tiny place. Am I annoyed? Slightly. What has he promised to do in return for the bike infestation? Wash all of the dishes that I have destroyed in my quest for kitchen domination.

This morning, I found an earthworm under the Panther's water bowl. I screamed and danced around pointing until Will threw it away. I really don't want to know how a soil-dweller got into our house.

I just asked Will, "Hey babe! What do you love about me the most?"

And, he said, "Baby, there's no way to pin down the one thing you love about someone the most."

I said, "Try."

He said, "You know what really does it for me? Your really motherly instinct. You have this natural ability to care for people. I like how you are with your friends and how you're the strong point. They use your advice and ask for it. There's just a whole lot I love about you. Sorry I can't pin it down to one thing."

I said, "Thanks, baby. Good answer."

What I really should have said was, My heart just melted; that just made my day. Thank you for believing in me and loving me even though I drive you crazy. I know I'm a lot of work, but I'm a lot of love, too. Thanks, lover. You rock, yourself.

And now, to vacuum the house and bake my cookies. Mmmmmmhhhmmmmmmm.

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  1. And let me tell you how wonderfully delicious that soup was. And the cornbread (both were even yummier today if that is possible). And those nutella sandwhich cookies with fresh raspberries? They were the jam!!

    That was a good answer, Wilbur. You are a good hubby. We trained you well, and now Bri has slightly less work for herself. ;)