Monday, November 16, 2009

Part II

So, I'm blogging for the second time today, because I am laid up on the couch with a very tall glass of ginger ale. This morning, my excuse for blogging was the presence of a plumber, come to fix our broken kitchen sink. My excuse this afternoon is that I just spent an hour and a half staring at microfilm (yet again) and almost threw up about three times. The final time was a close call, so I decided to pack up my things and call it a day. The librarian fussed at me for not taking dramamine.

Who knew that I would be so vulnerable to motion sickness thanks to antique newspapers?

Well, the librarian agreed that I was just a few too many shades of green and white and said I should go home and lay down. That sounded like a welcome relief at the time, but the drive back to my house left me shaky and sweaty. I nearly lost my breakfast then, as well.

I am feeling much better now. All I need to complete this health restoration is Will and he should be here soon.

As I was showering, post-first post of the day, I wanted to share some more mush and updates with you all.

I am still chugging along steadily at Historic Columbia. They just recently hired me as a weekend staffer. I will be giving tours of three of their seven historic houses and running the museum shop on any given weekend day. Come by and see me!

I have completed my research on the Lourie's building and am proud to say that the Mast General folks seemed quite impressed with my work. I can't wait for the store to open in 2011!

Will is still making all of the nurses fall in love with him at Providence. They are too good to him!

The Panther attempted to eat 3 really really mega hot peppers from Grandpa's garden while we were gone this weekend. Apparently, peppers don't bother her stomach like consumption of bits of her toys. Glad for that!

Oh, yeah. I have the most amazing and loving husband in the entire world. He got on ebay last night, looked up the boots that I wanted, found them for $30 cheaper and ordered them for me!!!!!!!!!! The best thing about being poor is being poor with Will Jackson. It makes selfless acts like that so much more special. To say that I almost cried is not an exaggeration. Here they are:

Now, for something I love...

I love rolling over to Will's empty bedside in the late morning (think 7:30am-ish, not Amish) and burying my face nose-first in the mattress just below his pillow, where I inhale deeply the smell of his piney-fresh and so clean, clean deodorant. I think that spot must be where he lays on his side with his arm under his pillow. That same arm extends under his pillow, bends at the elbow, where he then props it up on the headboard and sleeps hand in the air, waving to me and all of the sleep fairies all night long. Maybe its a bit gross to bury my nose in the spot that usually houses Will's armpit, but maybe not. Is there anything better or more comforting than such a tangible reminder of the one you love that is just a smell away?

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