Monday, November 2, 2009

Mountain Weekend in Pictures

Here are just a few of my pics that my lovely camera didn't delete. Enjoy!

Will and I went with his mom, sis and nef to Seneca to see the Chewning Folk. While there, we had a mountain adventure, even the goats weren't safe with us around. I documented just a little. I'm getting better about being a photo nazi.

Will took my picture (finally!), because I always complain that our children won't know what I looked like when I was young since I'm always taking pictures of him!

"WHA!" Action shot.

Carky, the mountain man.


This next sequence just makes me laugh.

This is definitely how I want my kids to think of me when they look back at our old pictures. "Mom wore pink underwear!" "Ew! I can see her underwear!"

So funny, Will.

This sheep loved Clark. He tried to dig a hole under the fence to get out and come home with him.


See that little apple. It was the only one that Sky Top Orchard offered me that beautiful day. I found it on the ground amidst its rotten brothers. I didn't have the guts to take a bite out of it until yesterday. It was delicious!

I LOVE petting zoos!

I witnessed Little G's first time petting goats and sheep. It was great!

The steep hill that made my butt burn. Ouch.

I also had some great pictures of all of us that made up the three car caravan that trekked the winding roads of the mountains all the way to Hendersonville. Stupid camera. So bitter.

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