Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Early Bird Special

So, Will and I have been busy lately. Every weekend has been jammed with adventure and travel and visits. Every week is filled with work and call and research and meetings. I usually get home by 5:30 at the latest.

Dinner is on the table by 6:15 at the latest.

By 7:15, we are perched on the couch, in pjs, shod in slippers, blanket wrapped around me and Wheel of Fortune on the television.

Then, we watch Jeopardy.

Dear God, did I really just admit that to all of cyberland?

Tonight, we had Moe's for dinner. Moe's is a carry over from our wonderful years in Charleston, where we were known to have it sometimes twice a day for multiple days in a row. We were poor and it was right around the corner. And, admit it. Its delicious!

We have been looking forward to our Moe's night all week. We were so excited. So excited that we were there, had ordered and taken our seats at the booth, food in hand, by 5:50.

Will joked that we were there for the early bird special. Then, we noticed that it was 5:30 and we were pulling into the parking lot.

"Ok," he said. "So, we're beating the early birds here."

Thankfully, there were no early birds in sight, but we nearly drowned in a sea of soccer moms and their offspring.

And the best part, we received our first invitation to AARP in the mail today. Middle-age here we come!

And my revelation of the day: I'm not giving up the sweets I love until I'm 25. I'm just praying that my metabolism will last until then.

BY THE WAY: I like comments. :)

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  1. Giving up sweets at 25!?! I'm feeling a little old (and fat) now. :)