Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tux Time

Tomorrow night, Will's best friend Wes will be marrying the love of his life, Jodi. Will and I are heading up to Charlotte this afternoon in a whirlwind. The rehearsal is at 5. YIKES! Will doesn't get off of work until 2:30. Its going to be go time as soon as TuTu relieves me from keeping the Griffster (who is, by the way, snoozing comfortably butt up in the air on the couch next to me).

I have to:

#1 steal Mary's wool coat (thanks Mare!!)
#2 take all of the random crap out of my car that has been there since last semester (note: I'm no longer a student)
#3 pack all of my varied wardrobe (this crazy weather means a heavy bag)
#4 get together sheets and pillows and blankets and the air mattress
#5 get the Panther's setup ready (2 bowls of water because she likes to play in the them and tip them over--can't have her thirsting to death! 3 bowls of food that she will barely touch but it makes me feel better; and finally, empty that dirty litterbox that she loves dirty, so it stays dirty)
#6 pack up the car
#7 shower
#8 blow dry hair (quite the process)
#9 get dressed (which is always a much longer process than it should be; ahhh... decisions!)
#10 wander around the house forgetting what I was just about to do (but really, I'm waiting impatiently for Will to get home)
#11 Will arrives
#12 give the Panther a kiss
#14 get gas
#15 drop off the GRANT APP (canNOT forget to do this)
#16 run (and I mean run) into Target and get a bag and tissue paper and card for the b&g's gifts (which I secretly, but maybe not so secretly, want to keep for myself--in love with it! will disclose future contents of Target-bought bag at a future date, ie after they open it)
#17 hit the road, Jack!
#18 hopefully, arrive in Charlotte by 4:30 at the latest
#19 witness a rehearsal
#20 eat some nachos at Loopy's

And did I mention that none of this can even begin until TuTu gets here and I run out the door at 1????

Oh, and the best part about all of this (hence the title) -- WILL'S WEARING A TUX! WILL'S WEARING A TUX!!

I can't wait to see my hunk in a penguin suit.

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