Tuesday, November 17, 2009


And I mean EVERYONE and their brother, mother, sister, neighbor, co-worker, cousin-once-removed and ex-lover have a food blog. I don't get it.

Who died and made EVERYONE a foodie????

I love food. I love to cook food. I love to eat lots of food. I love different food. I love ethnic food. I just love food. Period.

But, I don't want to hear anything more about food! And, I definitely don't want to read another blog about it. Is there really nothing else to blog about?? I mean, come oooon.

Ok, I feel better now that is off my chest.

Look up. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Look to the top left of the browser window under the search bar. You might have to scroll up. It should be right above my title. Its in line with the Blogger "B".

Do you see the words "Next Blog-->"?

Click on them. I dare you.

You'll be at a food blog. Go ahead. Do it. You'll be at a food blog and then, when you click it again, it will take you to another one and repeat and repeat and repeat. The outcome is all the same! Because that is all that there is out there: FOOD BLOGS.

My new mission: Save us all from the foodie bloggers. I know I've had my fill.


  1. I did it, Bri... and lo and behold, 2 clicks in I arrived at the blog of a chef, and then after, a traveling coffee and ethnic food addict. My word! Haha

  2. isn't it ridiculous?? i was just looking for a little variety this afternoon and was sick of FOOOD.