Monday, November 9, 2009


So, I want to blog, but have no clue what to blog about. I figure that all of my devoted followers are pretty sick of hearing all the mush-mush that is Will and me. Yet, I really don't want to cop out and dub this just another random posting. I'm so sick of my lack of direction and noncommittal attitude. So, I'm losing the 'tude and picking a direction.


NORTH is West Virginia. NORTH is cold, mountains, boot weather, boot terrain, where it is now boot season. Noticing a trend? I fell in love with a pair of boots this weekend. Will and I went to Florence to pick up my party dress for this coming weekend (WES'S WEDDING!!!!-blog to follow). On Saturday, Will headed down to Holly Hill for the day to work in Gank and Bop's yard for Bop's birthday. I stayed at my parent's, laid up on the couch with war raging within my uterus. Ah, the pains we women suffer. Anyways, Mom had me loaded, quite literally, with ibuprofen and tylenol, taken at rotating intervals. Needless to say, by 2pm, I was feeling GREAT! So, Mom took me shopping. Our first stop was Big Lots for a sneak peak at all of the wonderful Christmas decorations. Our next stop, Hobby Lobby. Our final and the most important stop, TJMAXX, my haven. There, I found the boots of my dreams for only $100. They were beautiful, the most perfect shade of brown leather with the slightest platform heel. They channeled Robin Hood and quite honestly took my breath away. I didn't get them, but I did hide them on the top shelf behind a really ugly pair of fuzzy brown boots. :)


SOUTH is home, comfort, warmth. SOUTH in November is chocolate covered pecans, oyster roasts and barbecue (vinegar, always and forever). I nearly ate myself sick on chocolate covered pecans this past weekend. I have two oyster roasts in my very near future, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. The vinegar barbecue is strictly a Pee Dee thing, so no chance of my finding any in the foothills. I might have to wait until Christmas to get my fix.


EAST has always been one of my favorite directions. EAST means beach, summer, waves, sun, tan, boogie-boarding. EAST means seafood and family time and horsehoes and bacci and paddle ball. My family goes to the beach every year for the week of the Fourth of July with the Stephens. We usually spend 10 days total at the beach, the first Friday night and the last Saturday night at our beach house in Surfside; the week between, we stay at the condo. Next year, Will and I will be packed off to the beach house for that week (if we are able to go at all!). Apparently, my parents decided there's just no room for a second married couple in the condo. Fine by me!


WEST has always meant mountains to me. WEST has very rarely conjured up images of cowboys, cattle drives and cacti. WEST means camping time in Pisgah National Forest, which hasn't happened in a while. My parents seem to thoroughly enjoy vacationing without their children. I'm only slightly bitter. But, WEST now means something very different to me. It means WEST Virginia. It means my life with Will in WEST Virginia. And, that is sometimes an overwhelming thought.

But, it has brought us full circle. I have no other direction to go.

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