Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let me tell you a story (deconstructed)...

There is a heroine in this story. Let's call her Havarti. Ti for short.

Supporting characters are as follows. She has a love, named Have. He's tall and strong with dark, dark hair. Together, they have a ferocious beast, their black child that they call Feline. In their attic lives a creature family, whom they've named the Patters.

The setting is life. Early twenties. No money. Just the beginning. Its in a city somewhere in the South in the middle of nowhere with hills and gridded streets. The leaves are orange and yellow and red, beautiful. Ti and Have live in a closet of a house that leaks, not water, just bugs. Ti works beside a beautiful old building and deals with all things historic. Have spends much of his time in a smelly place, a slave to needles and knives.

The plot is a simple one, love between the heroine Ti and the hero Have and how that fits into life, which is the setting. Follow?

For the problem, refer to the setting: No money.

For the climax, think: Young; In love; 1.5 jobs to support Ti, Have, Feline and the Patters; Doctor-training amidst hillbillies looming.

For the resolution, refer to the plot: Love.

The End.

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