Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Saturday

You had the potential to be a very annoying day.

For one, huge, problematic reason: WORK.

But, Saturday, you started out not so bad (except of course for the whole WORK thing). Oh yeah, and the horrible nightmare circa 7:30 this morning. This was a very bad dream indeed (in vivid color) complete with kidnapping, fire, murder and escape. That is all of the detail that I can get into right now, because I'm trying not to remember just how bad it was.

Besides the nightmare, Hubs was cuter than ever (in his soft pjs and sleep-stained face). The coffee was hot and strong. The pancakes (made by sleepy and very cute Hubs) were delicious as always.

And for once, I wasn't rushed getting out the door to be at work by 9:30. Thanks Universe.

The forecast called for storms and rain and thunder and RAIN! Which I thought meant that work (which consists of house tours of three of our house museums) would be minimal if not nonexistant.


But, the first tour was actually kind of enjoyable. Its nice to have people who are actually genuinely interested in what you are saying (and who are also more interested in learning something new than repeating much of the crap that they have picked up on other tours, because people who take tours of historic house museums are historic house museum ADDICTS and have been to almost every house museum that exists and are therefore experts, apparently).

I don't even want to get into the tour bus of 55 people (mostly very bored children) fiasco. Let's just say that it could have been really really bad, but turned out to be a welcome break in the day.

And then, there was my JimmyJohn's Turkey Tom sub with spicy mustard and provolone cheese that I had for lunch. That made things really good.

But then, there were the last two tours with the know-it-all Harley couple, who were way more interested in informing me about the history of MY FREAKING HOUSES than listening to my tour. DEEP BREATH.

But right after that, there was my sweet Hubs come to take me home.

We didn't go home though. Oh no, we stopped by the house that we will be housesitting next week to visit with the family and the sweet pups that we will be keeping. That was a nice little chat by the pool (that I am so taking advantage of all next week) with both dogs laying their heads in my lap because they love me and I love them.

And then, after that, because Hubs loves me more than life, we went thrifting. And for once, we actually found 2 really great things!!! And, as soon as I find a place for them and complete one of them, I will be sure to post pictures. SOOOOO EXCIIIITED.

Then, it was home to cook our yummy veggie lo mein that we have down to an art. We watched our habitual episodes of Friends, which I am only now beginning to appreciate and enjoy and couldn't go without.

When our tummies began to rumble for dessert, we went to the store. I had cupcakes on the gut and made a bee-line for the baking aisle. Hubs seemed at first very surprised and excited at the prospect of cupcakes. But, when we reached the cake mixes, Hubs and I began to argue over yellow vs. white cake mix (which who doesn't like yellow cake by the way!? Well, Hubs, apparently....). Then, Hubs informed me that he didn't really even want cupcakes. This resulted in me stomping up to the shelf and replacing the box of yellow cake mix, while I simultaneously ripped a box of white cake mix off the shelf and shoved it in the basket. Hubs picked up the white cake mix and went to place it back on the shelf. He put the yellow cake mix in the basket. I snatched it back out of the basket and told him that I was no longer in the mood for cupcakes. He said that we would make them anyways. I said that we didn't even have a cupcake pan. He said that we had mini cupcake pans (that fit in a toaster oven). I rolled my eyes and huffed, "Are you kidding? That would NOT be worth it." During this entire exchange, the Publix manager was restocking shelves all around us and finally asked if we needed help to which Hubs responded that we did not. And I responded with "No thanks. He is just really annoying me right now." Hubs then walked away and began to pore studiously over the jelly selection and tried to be all buddy-buddy with me about finding a seedless blackberry jam on sale. To which I replied, "I'm not helping you do ANYTHING right now." I stomped off mumbling under my breath about how annoying Hubs can be, when he made a brilliant comment about how we should maybe pick up some Green and Black organic dark chocolate to which I responded, "Sure, babe. Get whaaateeever you want. I don't care what you get! I'm getting a freaking candybar!!!" I got a butterfinger and reeses cups (which in the end weren't that great) and then I grabbed a thing of dark chocolate for Hubs, because even though he drives me absolute bonkers sometimes, I still love him and think of ways to please him.

We checked out and took our bags back to the car. Our next mission was to rent a movie from the movie box. But there was a line. As we waited in the parking lot (sitting on the back bumper of our car and staring down the really skinny girls getting movies from the box waiting very impatiently for them to finish), I informed Hubs that the solution to that whole cupcake argument could have been avoided had he just pretended that he did really want the cupcakes. And then, when I thought about it all, I demanded to know why he was going to make me get white cake mix when he knew that he wasn't even in the mood for cupcakes anyways. (NOW, I'M ANNOYED AGAIN.) So, after the too skinny girls got their movies, we tried to rent Its Complicated but the stupid movie box refused to give it up (which was a total bummer), so we had to get Men Who Stare at Goats, which was really weird and I still don't get, but it had some really funny parts (like when they were all tripping on acid--that was funny).

So, now, the day is nearly done and I can honestly say that it wasn't that bad. Just another day in the life of the Student Doctor and Me.


  1. Those are days that you can look back on and laugh right!?
    Now I am craving chocolate... thanks for that ;)
    Hope you guys have a lovely Sunday...

  2. LOL tour groups sound like they can really be a pain. I despise know-it-all people.. don't take a tour if you already know everything. Idiots!

    Who doesn't like yellow cake? Seriously. I can't think of any kind of cake I don't like. Well.. maybe like raisin cake.. but I'd still probably eat it.

    I've yet to use one of those movie boxes. But, Men Who Stare at Goats? That looked strange.. glad I didn't see it now that you've officially tested it out :-P

  3. This made me laugh so hard!!! I cannot tell you the number of times Larry and I have had similar exchanges in stores, parking lots, etc. They always involve me stomping and being incredibly annoyed and him doing something similar like looking for sugar free peanut butter or some other silliness. Ohhhh, the fun times in marriage. So funny!!