Friday, May 14, 2010

Beach Bound

Heading to the beach this afternoon for a weekend full of sun, vodka, sand, sun, good food and maybe some good shopping. Oh yeah, and sun.

Boy, do I ever need to get out of this town.

 I need this: Hubs, blue sky, sand and sun.

I have finally just declared this my birthday weekend to make up for the crappy day that became my unbirthday.

Have I thanked you yet for the birthday wishes?
Well, in that case


  1. Oh no!! I missed your birthday :( but I hope that this weekend completely makes up for it! I am jealous of the sun!!! Enjoy:)

  2. surfside beach! south of MB and north of georgetown. my family has a beach house there.

  3. I'm sorry your bday sucked *will be reading that post shortly*, but hey, hope you had a fun weekend at the beach.. glad to see vodka is on your list of things your excited about.. that's my girl!