Friday, May 28, 2010

Growing Up

Hubs and I will be heading to my parents' house this afternoon.

Its celebration time.

My little brother is graduating from high school.


I am officially old.

Happy Graduation, Jamie!
I love you!


Ok, so I know that not everyone loves Glee like I do, but please bare with me.
You might even become a convert if you follow along and do as I say.
Sounds a little sinister, right?
Ok, I really am joking.
On topic again, this past week's episode, the Gaga episode, was a revelation.
I actually do like Lady Gaga, well that isn't exactly true. I appreciate her status as a pop icon and I do enjoy a limited number of her songs (I am currently digging "Paparazzi." I know, I know. Everyone says its so overplayed, but I don't listen to mainstream radio, so I miss all of the redundancy.).
Her videos are quite entertaining. I'm just not into the whole techno thing. Or, all of the air humping.
I do, however, LOVE her songs when they are covered by the incredible members of the Glee cast thanks to the creative geniuses who can listen to a song like "Poker Face" (Exhibit A) and turn it into Exhibit B.
See what I mean below.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I wish that I had talent like that to hear the potential in a song to take it from scary techno to something so lovely that I can't stop listening to even at work where I sometimes (maybe all the time) forget that I am not alone and sing very loudly along with the tunes buzzing in my ear buds.
But don't you agree that Exhibit B is, well, incredible?

I am shutting up now about Glee. I have been trying my hardest not to blog about it all week.
I have no will-power.
Have a fabulous holiday weekend!!!


  1. I love the music from Glee but I think the plot and acting are just way too contrived for me to watch the actual show, I just listen to the songs! Love it!! Yeah, their Poker Face is really good.

  2. You are SUPER cute! I love how excited you get over Glee.

    I wish I could get into it more! I'll keep trying it out, but for now, I haven't seen an episode I like as much as the Madonna one.

  3. I totally understand that there is MUCH lacking from the plot and characters. I completely agree that it is stereotypical and maybe tries to cover too many bases at once. BUT I cannot get over the music. It blows me away every.single.time. I've always been a sucker for good music and I just can't get over how creative the show is with their take on certain tunes. (And I love Lea Michele's [Rachel] voice.)

    Its a sick, sad obsession!!