Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 Happy Thoughts & Tuesday with Monster

1. Hubs and I enjoyed a delicious dinner last night at Bonefish that reminded us why we never eat out. Apparently, our tummies aren't used to rich, fatty foods. But, it was still very enjoyable in the moment of consumption.

2. By tomorrow, I should be able to show all of you what has been keeping me busy. YAY.

3. The Panther has fallen in love with the new stool that Hubs and I bought with the hopes to recover it in the fab new material we found. This is good because it keeps her off the bar and counters, but bad because it is convincing me more and more that I need to have her declawed.

4. I do NOT have to go into work on Wednesday. But, I do have to apply for a million jobs and send in my resume. Blegh.

5. GLEE. Tonight. Thank God.

6. My plans for the chic apartment in the Wild State are coming to fruition. I love that Hubs loves my style and will let me do whatever I want.

7. I am no longer pale.

8. Its called a brand new 32 inch flat screen LCD tv, baby, and its all mine. Ow, ow.

9. SEX AND THE CITY 2! Need I say more?

10. Hubs' tonsillectomy and turbinate reduction only cost us about $900. Thanks to insurance and Hubs' employee discount that was a savings of about $5,000. Cra-Zy.


Tuesday with Monster

How good are those cartoons?

Take-your-pants-off-good, apparently.


  1. my kid rocks. and he's already a tv junkie it seems. not sure how much that rocks, though - takes after his momma.

    Yay for new tv and yay for Gleeeee!!

  2. That photo is so cute!

    I'm not normally a Glee fan (I know, I'm a weirdo), but NPH was guest starring last night and I was all pumped to watch. Unfortunately, Lost was on, so we had to watch that instead.

    Looking forward to finding out what you've been working on!