Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, my laptop has finally died; turned up its toes; croaked; finished; left this world and me for a better place. I hope it enjoys PC heaven, as I sit here utterly miserable on earth. Not going to lie; my eyes welled up when that blue screen of finality appeared and said "STOP." Its not that it was the greatest laptop ever or I had any certain or special attachment to it, but it was so darn convenient and it was there and I was dependent.

No more late night blogging or facebook stalking while comfortably wrapped in my soft blanket and perched on the sofa. Nope. If I need to check my email or do any other fun and necessary computer things, I have to go into the bedroom and sit under the arctic blast of the AC vent and type on the circa 1995 keyboard of Will's desktop. Pathetic, right? But, my fingers always get stuck on the monstrous keys and I do more backspacing than typing!

I am here to announce that daily blogging is over. I just can't force myself to sit at the desktop, while my leg hair prickles and grows immediately back after my daily shave and my fingers continually jam on the too large keys.

Will you miss it? I doubt it. Hopefully, this will cut out the random rambling of my posts.

I promise to keep my boring and completely irrelevant posts to myself from here on out.

If the death of my laptop has taught me anything, it is to trim the fat. Consider it trimmed.


In other news, Will is officially a med student! We sent off the deposit on Monday. Ouch. That sure did hurt the bank account and my pride. I'm still chugging along at Historic Columbia with more and more opportunities opening up for me as the days go on. I am now super busy and without a computer. Wonderful!

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