Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am so blessed to have Will for my husband. Monday was his 26th birthday and I completely crashed and burned. Nothing went my way that day and I was feeling just a little sorry for myself. I and the stale chocolate on chocolate cupcake were late for lunch with him; no card in sight. Then, I had to work until 5, while he sat alone at the house waiting for me to get off. I never had the chance to get him a card, because we were off to dinner at his mom's. His present--well, let's just say that didn't happen either. The real kicker: as we laid in bed that night, he held me tight as I cried, repeating over and over how sorry I was and that I was surely the worst wife ever. He gently wiped away my tears while rubbing my back and begging me to stop. He told me to be quiet and comforted me like only he could. I felt like crap, but I was loved and felt it, too.

I really want to go to the fair. I want to take Will to the fair and hold his hand the whole time. I want to see the white cows. I want to touch every animal. I want to ride the swings. TWICE. I want to share a funnel cake with Will. I want to buy a pumpkin. I think we'll go!

I wish that I was a good photographer. I just suck.

There was a dead cricket in my shoe this morning. It crunched as I put my foot in and took a step. The panther was rooting around in it last night, and I thought nothing of it. I should have known there was a cricket-hunt on.

Will is sexy. Sometimes, I just can't stop staring at him. And then, I jump on him.

I did not blow dry my hair today. It is currently slicked back in a ponytail. Hot.

I don't like breakfast food for breakfast. I really want salty noodles or cold pizza for breakfast. Every morning. So, I usually just don't eat.

I've lost 4 pounds just from not using table salt. Crazy, huh?

I sincerely believe that I am about to be very successful. What is that saying? Oh, yeah. 'Pride cometh before a fall.' In that case, it is a wild fantasy.

I think shopping carts should be banned from TJMAXX. The next time an older lady tries to push me out of the way with one, I'm taking her down. Or, at least, shoving my hip into it and saying out loud, 'No, you wait your turn or lose the buggy, lady.'

And those are my random thoughts of the morning while Little G takes his nap.

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