Friday, October 2, 2009

Feeling Better

So, I was feeling pretty crappy today. My sinuses, just below my eyes, were experiencing tremors from the inevitable earthquake that was about to crack my skull in two. I came home early after a satisfying day of accomplishment, brewed a strong cup of English Breakfast tea and bathed my sinuses in the steam. I laid on the couch, book in hand, with my nalgene, a canister of raw almonds and a bowl of sliced cantaloupe. I ate the almonds until my tongue itched and downed the cantaloupe until my sinus headache was replaced with brain freeze. I read my book and snuggled under my soft blanket as the panther snoozed next to me on her pink blanket.

We were waiting for Will.

He came home, eventually. Upon entering the door, he immediately brought me a glass of Cranberry Grape juice and two Sudaphed. He washed the dishes. Cuddled me a bit. Petted the panther. And, then he boiled my soup, brought it to me on a tray with exactly 10 multi-grain Club crackers. I picked out all of the chunks of dried-out, processed chicken and dug in, soaking my crackers until the perfect mush.

Life is good, and I'm feeling better, now.

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