Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Love Affair Has Begun

The Panther has a new obsession, object of her affection, lover, etc.:

I call it space heater love. (notice how she has adoringly positioned herself for heater worship)

After Will opened December's electric bill, which was quite the gasper to say the least and made me burst into a fit of tears at work--because we're poor--we borrowed his mother's space heater.

And the Panther was complete, body and soul.

I guess that I can't really blame her. I mean the thermostat is set on 59 degrees. I have actually kind of fallen in love with the space heater just a little bit myself.

This was very apparent when last night, I kept nudging the Panther over because she was blocking the heat, leaving a cold spot on my left arm.

What is going to happen to us in West Virginia?

I just don't know, but hopefully, the space heater will be there to comfort us both.

1 comment:

  1. You'll have lots of warm blankets (I'll donate some), and maybe even a fire place. And maybe you will have a place to live that isn't a crap hole with holes all in it didn't used to be a garage. But just in case - take the space heater, too. :-)