Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big day today.

Today, I am having lunch with a man whose job I covet. He pioneered historic preservation of small town Main streets at a time when new, new, new meant good, better, best--a time when many razed lots were being filled with ugly brick-veneered or tan-stuccoed office buildings that stared vapidly with blank, plate glass openings (could you really call those black holes windows?) onto downtown streets once lined by stately mansions and decorative brick and cast iron storefronts.

His mission: to restore the magic of downtowns.

So, leave your suburban shopping mall behind. They are now a thing of the past and quickly heading for bankruptcy. Trends and most importantly, people, are moving back to the city center. One hundred year old properties are begging for single-occupant, resident owners and a return to the grandeur of city-living.

Step off soapbox.

So, today is a big day. After the rejection of the historical society in WV, I reaccessed my situation and decided that there were 3 different associations up there that needed someone like me. They are development corporations, specializing in Main Street revitalization. I emailed my lunch appointment with inquiries about what it takes to work for one of these corporations, asking what type of person would they want if they were even looking for someone in the first place.

He said that I would be perfect for the job, an ideal candidate.

His only exposure to me and my work has been through Historic Columbia and the walking tours that I have been working on, since he is underwriting a few of them. (Post tomorrow explaining exactly what it is that I do.)

He asked if he could take me out to lunch.

I said, "See you Wednesday at noon."

Wish me luck!

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