Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Weeks From Now

Hubs and I will still be sleeping. In the Wild State.
No more 430am alarms. No more 445am alarms. No more 500am alarms. No more 515am alarms.
Thank God.

It will be our third morning waking up in the Wild State.
I wonder if it will feel different.
I wonder how the Panther will have done on the 6 hour car ride.
I wonder if we will be completely unpacked.
Knowing Hubs and I, we will.
I wonder if I will have already drug Hubs along to the paint store.
I wonder if I will have already launched on my thrift/antique mission.
Most likely.
I wonder if I will have found my bookshelves by then.
Probably not, but I doubt I will have given up.

I wonder if I will be counting down the days to starting the job.
I hope so.

There are so many things to wonder about right now, because so many things are about to change.
And I say, BRING on the change!
I've never been so excited to start something new.
I feel like this past year has been limbo.
I'm ready for some consistency.

I am ready to be a mountaineer, dare I say it.
I hope that you all will join me on this journey.
The blog will be getting a makeover in 2 weeks.
I can't wait for Chapter 2.


  1. Hey Bri! I am going to be in WV sometime in July for my cousins baby shower. Can I come visit you? I imagine by then you will be in desperate need for something kind-of-sort-of-familiar (even though its from a long time ago!) :)

  2. please, come and visit!!! is it anywhere near lewisburg (24901)? that would be awesome!

  3. I've been to WV many of times (I'm from Pittsburgh), so there's reasons to make short trips down there for attractions and such. You have so much to look forward to and be excited for, this IS a new chapter in your life, and I can't wait to see the blog makeover for it.

  4. Yes, they live in Lewisburg, by the golf course. Lewisburg Elks Country Club, I believe? They have no street name though.... (yes, that is how remote your future city is).

    Do you know where that is, by chance?

  5. Congrats on the blog makeover!!! I've had 2 now, and there's nothing like it ;-)