Wednesday, June 9, 2010


is what I feel like right now.
Wheww... What a crazy day!
It probably didn't help that I drank an entire cup of very strong coffee and then took a very large sudaphed since both seem to make my heart beat at the speed of a humming bird's wings.

I didn't sleep well thanks to leaky sinuses, clogged nostrils and nerves.
I didn't want to get up when Hubs' 430am alarm went off.
I still didn't want to get up when he came back in from showering and shined the closet light in my eyes.
I decided to not get up when he walked loudly out from the bedroom.
But in the end, I got up.

Sneezefest 2010 began about 622am and continued until about 945am.
I thought for sure it would never end.
That was when I downed the sudaphed.
And half a bottle of saline nose spray.
Then, I rubbed my nostrils raw.
Poor nostrils.
The sneezes stopped just about 1015am.
Just in time for the, well, you know.
The interview.

Yeah, the interview.
So, you're probably wondering about the interview, right?
I took my position at the kitchen table about 1005am.
I tried to read some blogs to calm my nerves.
That didn't work.
I prepared my space.
10 pages of notes spread in front of me.
Computer open with various documents open and ready just in case.
A glass of water for the dry mouth that would inevitably occur from talking a million miles a minute in an effort to sell myself.
I had a pen ready to take notes.
Just in case.
At 1030am, the classical serenade that I was waiting to explode from my phone didn't happen.
Then came 1031am.
Still no explosion.
At 1032am, frantic violins erupted as my phone lit up and vibrated on the table.
I picked it up with quick breaths, speeding heart.
I took a deep breath.
Tapped the green button.

It lasted exactly 30 minutes.
I had to frantically gulp down water 4 different times because my tongue was like leather.
I hardly took a breath between answers.
I spat out words like candy at a Christmas parade.
And in the end, I felt good.
Really good.
In my opinion, it went very well.
I felt prepared.
I was confident.
I want that job so freaking bad.
I hope that translated well over the phone.
The phone part is the only thing that I don't feel good about.
There were a few awkward pauses as we each waited for the other to begin talking, but I guess that is to be expected.
But, overall, I feel great about it.
That's just me though.
I don't have any expectations unless they're high--like reaching-for-the-stars-high.
I know that may seem like a bad thing, but it works for me.
It pisses me off when I don't get what I expected and makes me work that much harder to insure that I get what I expected the next time.
Nothing like competing with yourself, right?

So, after a delicious dinner of fettucine noodles, sauteed strings of zucchini and homemade tomato-red pepper sauce, I am going to try and convince myself that I should begin on Part 2 of Step 1.

**THANKS for all the blog lovin', ladies. You don't even know how much you boost my mood and confidence. :)

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