Friday, June 4, 2010

Random for the Weekend

Well, Hubs and I are getting on the road (AGAIN) this afternoon, heading up to Virginia for his little sister's graduation--yet another time for me to sit back and feel old. Yippee.

This week has disappeared. I have no idea where it went, but I'm pretty sure that James Taylor stole it from me. I can't honestly say that I want it back. Take it, James, and keep it.

Hubs and I have still yet to begin the arduous packing process. I'm going to stop there because I might hyperventilate.

Still no word on the job situation. I am beginning to think that is not such a good thing.

Do you know if they have people called "friends" in the Wild State? Its been so long since I've seen these people that I'm afraid I won't know how to spot them when I get there.

I am in desperate need of a haircut. And an attitude adjustment. I wonder if I could get a two-for-one deal somewhere.

Hubs and I bought a stove-top griddle/grill pan (nonstick). It is like the best freaking thing EVER. I love it!

I have been looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance since last week and was very disappointed that I only got to see an hour of auditions (because of James) before they were in Vegas. I need at least 8 hours of auditions before I'm ready for the hardcore competition.

So for some very strange reason, Hubs and I decided to watch the finale of Lost. Afterward, we both agreed that we hadn't missed ANYTHING by not watching that show. It was really really strange. And, ending the show with everyone in a "heaven" type place was a total cop-out if you ask me.

I keep telling Hubs that I think its about time we tried for another fur-baby. I think ours is getting lonely.


  1. Awwww.... things will get better love! I know it!
    And you should get another little furbaby :)
    My cats are in love with each other (I am sometimes think a little bit TOO much love if you know what I mean)....
    Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend lovely lady!

  2. Love your kitty!! But you can never have too many kitties.

    I can't believe you discounted the whole Lost series because of the finale! :-) You should definitely watch it from the beginning. It's awesome.

    I know packing and job hunting - especially when done together, GAH - are horrendous. But things will work out. Hang in there!

  3. Aw! Cute cat picture, as always!

    I'm sorry that you haven't found anything in your job hunt, and hopefully something will pop up to. I've been applying for jobs as well .. nothin. I really don't feel like waiting tables again, blah.

    I also need a haircut! Hey, but a haircut might actually help with the attitude.. sometimes a new look gives you a little different feel.

    Well, good to hear you didn't waste your time with Lost, that whole thing was just nonsense.