Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Funk

I woke up with a funk this morning--killer headache, achy back, sensitive skin, jar head, mucus-y throat and leaky sinuses. I am also running a low-grade fever, so no Tuesday with Monster for me.

Since I am holed up on the couch, I thought that I should at least bring you all along on this fantastic journey that I like to call:

The 20 Steps to Cardboard Heaven

Hubs and I completed Part 1 of Step 1 Sunday night.

Step 1:
Organize Existing Materials
(read: Throw Away ALL Your Crap)

We (read: I) chose the filing cabinet and napkin-turned-catch-all-for-junk-holder for Step 1.

Be glad that I was too embarrassed to open the bottom drawer. Isn't it hilarious that I own a piece of furniture (a filing cabinet) that is meant for organization and neatness and for all those perfect people out there and canNOT keep it true to its purpose? Pathetic.

And who turns a napkin holder into an inbox/outbox/junk drawer? Who?!

And yes, we do everything from a seated position on our couch in front of our new and beautiful tv. Thanks for noticing/asking.

Its amazing to think that all of that could really fit in that tiny thing, huh?

And yes, we store our tv box next to the couch. I mean, we are moving in 2.5 weeks.

How insecure am I that I feel I must keep explaining our junky apartment and inability to remove ourselves from in front of our tv?


Oh, Hubs. It can't be that bad. The Panther sure does seem to be enjoying herself.

You can tell how puny I'm feeling since I haven't taken the time to adjust the color/contrast of any of these photos or to get rid of Hubs' red eye.

[But now that the cat is out of the bag, yes, Hubs is a bloodsucking vampire. Don't worry. He abstains from human blood in so far that he doesn't actually bite humans. The blood bags at the hospital where he works are his only source of nutrients. Poor, bloodsucking Hubs.
I want to be a vampire so bad it hurts. I keep having nightmares where I'm an old woman and he is still young, beautiful, bloodsucking Hubs. 
But, he won't bite me.
He doesn't want me to suffer from the same hopeless, soulless, bloodless bloodsucking existence that he does.
What he doesn't know is that I plan on tricking him into getting me pregnant (since, you know, all he-vampires though bloodless and technically dead have a healthy supply of semen), which will force him to turn me into a vampire. 
What? You didn't know that vampire babies are deadly?
He'd be saving my life, while simultaneously killing me, dooming me to an eternity of living death.]

Sorry, I never can resist a Meyer-stab.

Ahh... that feels better. And it only took about 30 minutes.

Please ignore the fish posters in the background. I didn't want Hubs to completely loose his identity upon marrying me (at least, just yet), so I conceded to the fish posters (for now).

Now, onto Part 2 of Step 1: going through each and every article of clothing and deciding what stays and what goes.

I'm not anything if not thorough.
Hey, guess what.


Its tomorrow morning at 1030am. Fingers crossed that I am not running a fever or sniffling/snotting my way through it.
Oh yeah, and fingers crossed that I get it!!


  1. Moving sucks. Maybe you are allergic to packing?

    Congrats on the interview!!!! I hope it goes great! And that you feel better.

  2. Hooray for phone interview!! GOod luck!

    Don't throw away any cute clothes without letting me come look through them first. Especially dresses. :-)

  3. Oh nooooo.. feel better lovely lady!
    I have been feeling under the weather too... yucko :(
    I am keeping my fingers AND toes crossed that you get that job... that would be so so so so so awesome!!

  4. newest follower!!! cuuuuuuute cuuuute caaa--ute blog! :)

  5. Ahh!! We need to go through all our old stuff like this--kudos for actually buckling down and doing it. I don't have enough patience at the time being :)

    Good luck on your interview!!

  6. Congrats on your phone interview!! Fingers seriously crossed that this works out for you.

    Your ability and motivation to clean up a very junk-filled cabinet makes me rethink my own decisions to keep stuffing random crap in my bottom drawer of my night stand.. yikes

    But hey, good job on getting that organizational task under your belt, I bet it feels good!

    LOL at crafty kitty and husband in the background behind mounds and mounds of junk.

    Also. LOL at fish posters. Too funny!