Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Things You Should Know

1. Hubs and I welcomed summer all official-like last night. Chicken burgers, homemade potato salad (smothered in fresh dill) and fresh corn on the cob. The corn was amazing, inducing vulgar groanings of "oh my gah" with each bite. Mmm!

2. Yesterday, I was NOT a happy camper. I'm pretty sure that Hubs tried to flirt with me throughout the entire dinner-making process and I was having nothing to do with it. And then, when he didn't cut the rest of the corn off the cob right when I asked him to, I accidentally unleashed some of my biting sarcasm.
I'm sorry Hubs!!! I love you!!! Blame my uterus! It isn't me talking and reacting all the time.
Its a chemical thing, you know?

3. I had the best time in Charleston with my girls.
I realized a few things:
a) I don't miss going out. In Charleston, it just means you get really sweaty and nauseated from too much alcohol, 97 degree heat and 100% humidity. It also means $15 tabs for 2 drinks. What!
b) I hope and pray that I never looked as drunk as the majority of the girls that I couldn't help but watch trainwreck all night long. Disasters!
c) Charleston is SO HOT. How did I ever forget that fact?
d) Other single girls judge us-old-married-women for going out sans the hubs.
They're all, "Oh my gah, you're going out? But, you're married."
And I'm all, "Oh my gah, you didn't know that they lifted the ban on married women having a social life outside of their Martha-Stewart-kitchens?"
They're all wide-eyed stare and, "Nooo, when did that happen?"
And I'm all, "Well, let's see. I think the year was 1922, and I'm pretty sure that your great-grandmother was shoved up against a grimy wall in some basement club as some stranger felt her up while your great-grandfather, her husband, finished his shift at the mechanic shop.***"
And they're all, "Ohhh. Well, wanna split a shot?"
[Plot may or may not have been stolen from Chicago. Hypothetically speaking.]

4. Hubs and I completed Part 2 of Step 1 of the 20 Steps to Packing Bliss (or whatever I called it). We dropped off two overflowing garbage bags at Goodwill. I love getting rid of crap that you never use. Its like mental weightloss.

5. I'm a little obsessed with floor lamps at the moment. I am crushing on this one currently.
I asked Hubs if I could get it for our one year anniversary (which oh-my-gah is in two and a half months! what!!). Is that weird?

6. We also completed Step 2, packing up our winter clothes and superfluous clothes-related items that we know we won't be using in the next 2 weeks, and began on Step 3, books and knick-knacks.

7. Still haven't seen SATC2. Its killing me, but I literally have no time for anything! I am working 9 hour days, training an intern to take over for me when I leave in two weeks. Oh my gah!

8. I had the best of intentions this morning. I was lying in bed last night. Its was 1130. I thought, I feel really good right now. I should get a good rest, drop Hubs off and go for a walk (maybe run if I'm feeling crazy) or at least start back doing Jillian. Yep. Did not happen. Surprised? Not in the least.

9. I am not-so-patiently awaiting the results of my interview. That might be why I've been biting off Hubs' sweet head lately.

10. I am pretty sure that I might go into a slight depression if I don't get the job. I am currently depressed about my naked fingernails. I have been staring at them a lot lately and envisioning my favorite shade of hot pink on them, but I just haven't had the energy to make that dream a reality. Sigh.

Tell me something that I must know about you!

***I was not making out with anybody!! I am just trying to make a point, a rather muddled and exaggerated and extreme point, but a point nonetheless. Hubs is stuck with me for life. No chance of extramarital jaunts in this union!


  1. Aw, things are going to work out with the job!!! I HATE waiting for stuff... most impatient person on the planet RIGHT over here.

    Hmmmmm... what should you know about me?!
    1. I feel like I am insanely bi-polar in my relationship right now (and I don't have a uterus so I have no excuses!!... waahhhh?) I love the manfriend but the long distance business is stressing me out - especially with residency starting in a week :(

    That's all I've got right now... hahaha I am a loser!

  2. 1. I LOVE the lamp! It is nothing like I imagined it, but i LOVE it!
    2. this is a note to all of bri's readers: NO ONE thought that you were weird for going out with your husband, in fact, i think you looked cooler than most single girls did (including moi)
    3. you got that interview girrrll, i'm already bragging on you to the parentals. : )
    4. love you, miss you. and secretly planning to sneak in the night to cola when you and mr. jackson are asleep and unpack all that you have packed to keep you here as LONG as possible : (

  3. @ Hannah, PLEEEAASE do that (sneaking and unpacking)!?!?

    That biting the head off stuff just comes with the marriage stuff, he'll survive. That's why I was so mean to him growing up, so he'd have tough skin and not take bitchiness personally. Or, not?

    I have really good feelings about the job. Really good.

    Let's go see SATC2 before you leave. Sunday?

  4. Waiting to hear from job interviews is NOT fun. I have been in that "limbo" for these past few weeks, but the more I come to terms with the waiting, I think I am more challenged to live my life, regardless of the outcome.

    That being said.... step 1, paint your fingernails. As bright a color pink as you want them to be. And post a picture. It'll encourage us who are also "waiting" :)

  5. ha, I love that you're "crushing" on floor lamps. I'm obsessed with shower caddies right now. I think you're obsession is healthier than mine.

    Congrats on your almost anniversary!! Our first is next month, I can't even believe it!!