Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Morning Randomosity: Because Last Week Taught Me Naught

-Monday morning, I stepped out of the front door and into a watercolor, or maybe even a fish bowl. The tall trees finally had their leaves returned in full, green glory, making the sky feel much lower. The wonderful pollen had tinted everything yellow. I love it when the world turns green again.

-My hair is really blond right now. I mean, like really blond--like Playboy-should-get-my-mom's-number-and-make-her-their-#1-stylist-blond.

-The "we" factor of marriage frustrates me.

Case and point: I took our the car into the shop yesterday morning, because it was making some fun-ky noises. I had to stand in line for about 30 minutes before it was my turn to explain to the nice man behind the counter just exactly what I thought was wrong with the car. This meant lots of hand-waving and odd noise-making to mimic exactly the "clunk-clunk-rattle-clunk" of the front left tire and the "wah-wah-waaah" of the back right tire every time we came to a stop. (See!! There's the "we!" I can't escape it!) Not sure how the waving of my hands was going to help, but they were waved. So, I was standing in line with 30 very long minutes to plan detail by detail exactly what I was going to say.

Thought: We brought in the car last weekend--Wait!--Why am I saying "we" when I'm the only one here. That would sound really weird if I said "we."

Rethought: I brought our car in last weekend--Wait!--"Our" car. But, its just me! Why can't it be my car? And, besides, technically, both Hubs and I brought the car in last weekend, but I immediately went and sat with his mom in her car while he went into the shop and gave them the keys and the problem. So, technically, Hubs brought it in. What's wrong with me!?

Re-Rethought: My husband brought our car in last weekend. There, that's much better. Because I mention Hubs, I can say "our" car and not sound like a total freak.

In the end, I have no recollection of what exactly it was that I said. But, isn't it pathetic that the "we" war was raging through my head for the entire 30 minutes that I stood in line? It got me thinking that I will struggle with the "we" war from here on out.

Is it bad that I now think of Hubs and I as a unit and that what happens to me, happens to him and that what I do, we both do?? Is that crazy!? I'm crazy.

-This is for Sandra: Sandy, dump him!!!

-Hubs and I joined my family at the beach this past weekend. While people-watching on the beach, I noticed a very large number of little people, and by little people, I mean those persons from age 11 to 14, walking down the beach with their cell phones open, in hand and texting. Ridiculous! Can you even see the screen in the bright, beach light!? Kids these days....

-Ok, now I have to go get ready for work. Byyyyeee!


  1. Oh man do I feel you with the "we" thing! As much as I love the whole "two-become-one" aspect of marriage, my independent self sort of rebels at it sometimes.

    Can we see a pic of the uber-blond hair? It sounds awesome!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog on the tanning tax! LOL I'm glad you liked it :)

    Oh and hunny love your overly blonde-ness. There's nothing like being blonde. I am currently strawberry blonde and loving it! And Yes, Sandy SHOULD dump him. 100% Agree.