Monday, April 26, 2010


This new banner is unlikely to last for any significant amount of time.

I have been putting off this creative process for as long as possible because,

1. I am a psycho-perfectionist-freak who can't leave well enough alone.
2. Hubs may or may not divorce me during the process of huffing when he doesn't give a full and detailed explanation of what he "really thinks about what I've just done, because this is for the internet and its about us and you have to like it" or when he can no longer stand my constant cursing of Photoshop and all of my inadequacies which spring from that its-all-German-to-me-program.
3. I am a trial and error kind of gal, and this is only trial #3. I hope that none of you stumbled upon trials 1 and 2 yesterday.

So, I am just warning you now that this banner (though quite nice at the moment) may not last very long. And, I just want you all to know that this is expected and is not a product of flakiness or indecision on my part. It just means that its imperfections could be ignored no longer.

(Like, its already really bugging me that the title is not centered between the images............................... huff.................................darn Photoshop.......................................)


In other news, we are back to the 5am wake-up call, as today is Hubs' first day back to work after his tonsillectomy. I must say that 5am does not go well with a 1am bedtime. Needless to say, I did not crawl back into bed this morning after dropping Hubs off, because I am not sure that I would wake up anytime soon, and I kind of have a real job now.

I kind of have a busy day today, too, which is good and bad.

Good, because I like to be busy and I will be making a good amount of money for our TV fund (which is up to $195 now!) and means that we should be able to buy our dream TV in about 2 weeks.

Bad, because it means that I have to be showered and completely ready by 8am, which is a big stretch for me. Typically, no matter how early I begin, I never make it to work before 8:25am. Its like the Universe is against me getting to work any earlier. But this morning, Universe, I will win, because I will be wearing my new, super fly white jeans. You just can't mess with white jeans--not even you, Universe.

Random facts (which I have recently learned) on a Monday morning:

1. Did you know that over 80% of pornography is downloaded at Panera and Starbucks? (Its because they have open networks, making individual transactions impossible to trace.)
2. Did you know that adding cold cream or milk to hot potatoes (in making mashed potatoes) will produce a gloopy mess? (Its because the cold liquid causes the starch in the potatoes to bind.)
3. Did you know that in California rental property owners must clean from top to bottom between tenants? (Not so in SC or WV, where the cleaning responsibility is left up to the departing tenants, who NEVER clean by the way.)
4. Have you ever noticed that some magazines in the grocery store check-out line (think: Cosmo) have plastic or metal sheets covering the front of the magazine? (That is to block obscene images--like nearly naked men and women--from the innocent eyes of children and other innocents, because in the 80s, those magazine covers were considered soft porn.)
5. Did you know that the movie I Love You, Man is quite possibly the worst movie ever? (I absolutely hate sitting through movies that make me embarrassed for the main character, and let's just say that Paul Rudd's character made me uncomfortable for the entire movie.)

On reality tv:

1. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT EMILIO SOSA DID NOT WIN PROJECT RUNWAY. That just broke my heart. I loved his sassy color. Seth Aaron did a great job and really surprised me. In fact, there were quite a few of his pieces that I would have worn. But, how could Michael Kors forgive that awful purple bondage piece??? How, MK????
2. I think that Ramona (RHNYC) is insane. She has no filter. And those eyes? That runway walk and her "question" for Jill about Kodak being behind the times (which she asked at a Kodak party, hosted by Jill) sealed her fate for me. Class-less, Ramona. Tsk, tsk.
3. I think I am obsessed with 9 By Design. I kind of want to be them (except maybe for the whole 7-kids-thing). If you don't know what I'm talking about, hulu it. Can I use Hulu as a verb?
4. I have given up on the second half of Biggest Loser since it interferes with Glee (whose Madonna episode was pure genius, I say!), but I don't really mind because the second half of BL is just the drawn-out weigh-in and vote-off.
5. Is anyone else impatiently awaiting the next episode of Christian Siriano: Having a Moment? Me too.

Wow. I watch way too much TV.

Shout out: Courtney Rae, this video is the reason why you should watch Glee. Enjoy.


  1. Haha, ok I've seen two banners so far. I'm liking the one with the bouquet a lot. Can't wait to see the next one!!

  2. BUT, the landlords charge the tenants for whatever cleaning has to be done. So most tenants do the cleaning themselves. It's pretty brutal.

    I loved Emilio's collection too! But I agreed with Nina that it was more of a line than an edited 'collection.' Or whatever it was she said.

    I like the header! :)

  3. Kelly,

    Did not know that they charged extra! That's the worst. The couple that live in the apartment we will be moving into in WV told story after story of apartment living in CA and how clean the places were. Haha. I literally listened awestruck with my jaw on the floor imagining moving into a spic and span, professionally cleaned place. Thanks for the info! Now, I'm not so jealous. :)

    haha. This is how I function. I don't perfect things on their own and then implement them. I implement them and stare at them and tweak them until I get it right.

    I predict that this banner will last looking like this for at least 3 more days. Then, its back to the drawing board.

  4. I seriously LIVE for Glee...
    Is that pathetic? Yes, okay, that is kind of pathetic! But I really really really love it :)