Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Night Thoughts

1. Coffee icecream is better than the best. Why do they even make anything other than coffee-flavored ice cream? Does anyone even buy those other, less-awesome flavors?

2. I've lost 2 pounds since Hubs' tonsillectomy. I guess the pureed food and tons of soft veggies have made a pretty big impact on my diet. No complaints here. Too bad, the healthy pureed food allows me to justify my late-night cravings for Cheez-Its (sooo bad for you!) and icecream!

3. There is a tub of Earth Fare pesto in my fridge and it is seriously calling my name. Can't wait for dinner tomorrow!

4. Funny how 1-3 are all about food. I am obsessed. Let's move on to something else. Like, the Panther and her affinity for the jingling of the cutlery drawer paired with the opening and closing of the refrigerator. Apparently, that means suppa-time to her kitty ears, which induces meows and leg-rubbing and her stalking me around the kitchen yowling. Wow, food again. Mooving on.

5. Hulu is awesome. I hope that they get the full Season 1 of Kell on Earth. I missed the final episode. Gasp! So far, Hubs and I have enjoyed Parenthood and Top Chef Masters. And I have enjoyed Project Runway and 9 By Design and RHNY. I hope that when I die, I go to a Bravo! heaven.

6. Pandora pisses me off sometimes. When I say that I don't like a song, I don't want to hear ANYMORE songs that sound like it!

7. Earlier today, Hubs asked if I wanted to take some of his liquid codiene with him. And then, I think he giggled. AND, I JUST THINK ITS HILARIOUS THAT HUBS WANTED ME TO DO DRUGS WITH HIM.

8. Hubs and I now have $95 in our tv fund. Wooo hoooo! Only need about $400 more. And the rule is that only extra-curricular money can go towards it--like babysitting and housesitting and any kind of sitting. (Call me, people. I will keep your kids. But, not for free.)

9. Hubs and I decided that our first dog will be an Italian Greyhound. They are the perfect size with the perfect amount of energy. And the little gray-spotted ones are a-dor-a-ble.

10. I couldn't sleep last night because my mind was racing with all of the designs I want to implement in our sweet apartment in the Wild State. I have decided that the wall in the living room across from the gigantic windows will be painted a soft orange/burnt sienna/salmon color. I want the couches (2 of them, because we are cool like that) to have white slipcovers (which I will probably talk myself out of with a black cat and all, so they might end up navy blue). There will be a huge picture of Hubs and I from the wedding (no matte in a shiny white frame) on the orange/burnt sienna,salmon colored wall. On the wall adjacent to the orange wall will be two identical bookshelves stained dark brown or painted a dark color (or maybe even the orange color!) The gigantic windows will have sheer curtains (NO BLINDS! blegh). And, the beautiful oriental rug (inherited from my parents) will grace the floor. Oh yeah, and our sweet flatscreen tv will be on the wall opposite the bookcases.

(this picture by Steven McCabe)

I have big plans for the bedroom, but that can wait for my next spewing.

Good night to all.


  1. Good thoughts! The coffee ice cream made me really hungry, for it IS the best! And pesto what what!? Did I really already eat, oops :-) Catching up on shows via Hulu? Story of my life. I LOVE Project Runway. It's so great and I'm anxiously awaiting the next episode!! EEK

  2. I think it is hilarious your husband wanted you to do "drugs" with him. So cute and funny!!

    RHNY is my obsession these days. Love it.

  3. A friend of Larry's who's a photographer suggested this site for getting photos printed onto canvas. How awesome would that pic above look huge, on a canvas!! Just a thought...