Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy 100th Post to Me - The Aftermath

Today, we celebrate my 100th post. It has been a long journey to this point. Literally.

You see, I had accumulated a very lengthy and detailed list of 100 things about me for your reading pleasure. But Boyfriend Mac took it upon himself to delete all 100 of those things hours before I was set to post the masterpiece. (Between you and me, I think Boyfriend Mac was a little bit jealous that he didn't make the cut.)

So, after an hour of throwing my hands in the air, exclaiming "whhaaaat did I just dooooo," I decided to leave the blog world for a bit to lick my wounds.

And so, wounds duly licked and healed, I am back, blog world, for my 100th post.

This is the other reason it has taken me this long to post:

Please ignore my horrible outfit. HOSPITALS ARE MEATLOCKERS (probably a much truer statement than I would like to admit), which resulted in me wearing my oversized sweater over my shirt dress, making me look pregnant and bloated. Blegh. Keep in mind that it was early, too.

So, yes, Hubs did indeed go under the knife on Tuesday. I was so nervous. We walked into his little pre-op room and I wanted to cry seeing him in a hospital gown. But I courageously fought the tears for the rest of the morning and during his tonsillectomy and turbinate reduction (for better breathing). It also helped to know that every-single-person in that hospital is in love with my Hubs and they were all (literally) concerned about him. I knew that he was in the best hands ever.

An hour and a half later, I could see him again.

Looks good for just having had surgery, right? His mom and I walked into the recovery room, and he asked for the crossword puzzle and actually did quite a few of them! He was a little googlie-eyed and glazed over, but overall, I would never have known that he just had surgery.

I have had a very easy time of nursing him back to health. He really hasn't had that much pain until yesterday and this morning. I haven't gotten much sleep with him taking medicine every one and a half hours, but I wouldn't trade taking care of him for anything.

And, to just make this the best week ever, last night as I stumbled back from the toilet, the Panther decided to take a detour under my right foot, which made me jump to the left and slam my toe into the very sharp corner of the table leg resting there. This made for lots of blood at 3am and a broken toe for me! Oh joy!

Here is an abbreviated list of things that make me happy right now to prepare you for the big 100.

1. Hubs snoring gently beside me, drunk on liquid codine.
2. The large cup of coffee I am about to down.
4. I am about to go to Target and buy a shirt.
5. The jar of vitamin E moisturizer (its like cold cream) from Rite Aid that I slather over various parts of my body multiple times a day.
6. Its sandal weather, so I don't have to shove my broken toe into a shoe.
8. My fast-approaching birthday.
9. My parents coming to visit on Sunday.
10. Pandora.

I've missed you, blog world.


  1. Aw! J's had like four surgeries since we've been together and I totally know how you feel--so nerve-wracking. Sounds like it went great though!

    But boo about your toe!! Sad!

    Wow, congrats on 100 posts!

  2. Congratulations!!!

    1. Love the hair - it's very becoming.

    2. Wow - your husband is a trooper!

    3. Can't wait for the 100 list!

    Have a super weekend!

  3. And we missed you!! Sorry about your toe! Hopefully you won't have to chase the Monster around too much this week. Just look out he doesn't bite it. He's on that kick again today. :-)

    Hope the visit with the Horrahan's was swell today and you guys found a yummy lunch spot.