Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh the worries..

I get the worries a lot.

For example:

-I worry that Hubs and I are complete bores. My biggest fear is that we are wasting our youth. You see, we don't exactly have any friends here in Columbia. I think that it was up in the air for a while as to whether or not we would even live in Columbia and then we knew that it would only be for about 10 months, so we kind of just didn't make friends.
That sounds awful, but its the truth.
Most weekends, are spent visiting my family or his or doing absolutely nothing.
Or, my other MAJOR worry is taking place and that means isolation for hours at a time....

-Hubs called me a workaholic the other day (and I totally think he has something there). Its so funny that after months of begging for any type of employment, I have been for the last couple of months drowning in jobs.
I just can't say no.
And I know why.
I can't say no because after begging month after month for more opportunities to work, I am finally getting my wish and it would be so unfair for me to say thanks but no thanks. I'm good with what I have right now.
But I worry about this.
I worry about whether or not I am a workaholic.
And the scary part is that I know I am.
I like being useful.
I like doing something.
If I'm not doing something that matters then I am doing the complete opposite and being really, really lazy.
And I am sick of Hubs working his butt off everyday while I just sit around and wish that I had a job and could do something to contribute.
Now that I have jobs and am making as much money as Hubs, I feel much more secure.
And it has gotten rid of a pretty big worry: Are we going to make it through this month without having to call my parents for a favor.
And that feels really good.

-I am always worried that I'm going to run out of gas. As soon as the light comes on, I have to get to a gas station. (And I absolutely hate getting gas. Even if Hubs is 10 minutes late for work and the light comes on, I worry and fret over the gas situation until he sighs and tells me to pull off at a station and he fills up for me. He's just the best ever.)

-I always worry that when I return to the cottage after a few hours of being gone that it will be burned to the ground.

-Before I go to get a movie from the redbox, I worry that other people will come in to rent or return movies and they will form a long line behind me, tapping their feet impatiently, sighing and craning over my shoulder the whole time. I like to take my time finding a movie and hate to feel all bothered and have to rush.

-I always worry that I am going to say exactly what I am thinking. Because you see, I am very opinionated and don't mind in the least sharing my thoughts, but sometimes it just isn't appropriate. And I don't think that my filter has distinguished between appropriate and inappropriate. Isn't that what a filter is for anyways?

-I worry that my next trip to TJMAXX might result in a hissy fit as I finally tell off one of the shopping cart ladies, who tries to run me over or push me out of the way with their cart to bug off. SHOPPING CARTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN THAT STORE. I don't get why older women think that they can hurry my browsing along because they are older and are wielding a cart. I'm not afraid of you, cart women!

-I worry constantly that Hubs is bored or annoyed or frustrated with me. Silence (even while we are watching tv) makes me nervous. You see, I enjoy a running commentary during tv-watching. Commercials are mandatory analytic breaks. Like, I enjoy discussing the mind-blowing renditions of pop songs and show tunes by the Glee cast. Hubs just likes to listen.

-Now, I'm always worried that I will receive comments from angry bloggers. Scaryy..

What worries do you ALWAYS have?


  1. I think that the first year of marriage is well spent with just the two of you. It helps you form an even more inseperable bond. So, don't worry about that one; enjoy it. Too soon will come the times when the world pulls you apart from each other. And, you do have friends--each other!

    As for the rest of those worries,I feel ya. I don't let my gas go below 1/4 of a tank. I always worry that I will run out of toilet paper at the worst moment. And, I worry that my teeth will fall out. YIKEs!

  2. I have too many worries to list! Sounds like you and I are a lot alike - if there's even a tiny little minuscule reason to worry, I'll find it and worry it to death. I so wish I could change that aspect of my personality! Worrying doesn't help anything.

    By the way - congrats on all the work you've been getting! That is fantastic. As long as you are enjoying it and not neglecting your husband or your health, I say go ahead and be a workaholic!

  3. I too, can't begin to list all of my worries. Griffin takes up about the first 273 of them (like will he drown in the inch of bath water while I look down to lay out his towel!?) and Larry and Mom the next 76 at least. I always worry that I won't wake up in time and will be late and everyone will be mad at me. I also worry ridiculously that the wires in my chest will come lose and it will break again every time I sneeze. Ridiculous!!

    As for the no friends - Ju is right. Taking the first year all to yourselves is a great thing. And you can come hang with our nutty friends any time you want. I'll let you know when the next wacky cook out happens. It will be soon.

  4. Hahaha this post cracked me up! I think we have similar worries.

    A lot of couples seem to be bummed out right now about not having couple friends to do things with. We are ALWAYS running around with friends and I crave spending one on one time.. so enjoy it!

    LOL about the gas thing.. I NEVER let my tank go past a quarter empty. I'm totally feeling you on that.

    TJMaxx is the best! Shopping carts for TJMaxx? Hm.. it's a little crowded in there for that! Old women in retail stores anger me.. I actually need to blog about that. They're so pushy and passive aggressively rude, blocking people from looking at what they want. Pray we never get like that! (I have a bad feeling though..)

    And don't worry about angry blog posters.. who could be mean to you? :)

  5. How have I never found your blog? I just came over from Courtney's... and I LOVE it. I love your honesty... seriously! I am a worry wart too. I spent WAY too much time doing that... I think I drive my boyfriend mentally insane!! I am working on it - but I need a constant "Atta girl" happening otherwise I start worrying!!

    I will come and sit on the couch and watch t.v. with you too because I am EXACTLY like that while S just likes to sit and watch!!

    Off to check out more of your blog and definitely following :)

    (Oh and PS, I just had a really really mean commenter and I was sick about it for days :( ... so I constantly have that worry now too.)