Sunday, September 27, 2009

Put Down the Scrubber

There are two things that I really don't like to do:

I don't like washing dishes.

I don't like making the bed. Well, its not that I don't like it, it just doesn't bother me if it doesn't get done.

But, every morning, I do them, because they are important to Will and he is important to me.

Sometimes, after a long day of being apart, I just want to eat a good dinner and cuddle up to him on the couch. Nothing is better than a full-bellied snuggle. But, Will is usually manning his post as Head Dishwasher with suds up to his elbows. During these times, I sit on the couch and pout. I send him the sad face over the bar until he looks at me exasperated and says, "What, babe?"

"Come and sit with me," I almost yell with big dramatic wavings of my arms that are supposed to help. "The dishes can wait. I can't." "There's just a few more," he says.

Or, other times, I am concocting some incredible masterpeice of a dinner and he is standing there, hovering behind me in our too small galley kitchen. Of course, he has filled the right side of the sink with the habitual Dawny mixture of soap and scalding water. He's waiting to pounce on any utensil I happen to lay on the cutting board. I stir a pot of rice and put down the spoon to check on the squash. I tend to the squash and reach for the rice spoon. Its gone! "Where in the world did I put it?" I ask myself. I look on the spoon rest. Not there. Maybe its beside the cutting board. Nothing. I hear Will humming and know that he's up to something. And, there he is, round scrubber brush in hand, sudsing up my rice spoon. "Babe!" I yell. "I wasn't done with that!" "Well, sorry!" he says, "I'm just trying to clean up a bit." "But, dinner isn't even ready yet!" I say. "Stop it!" I yell. "Don't wash another thing until you've asked and I've approved it!" He rolls his eyes.

"You're going to wash your life away," I say. "And, nothing good ever came of that!"

And nothing ever will, except for maybe an empty sink and clean dishes. But, what are the important things in life here??

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