Monday, September 21, 2009

My Favorites

Here's just a few of my favorite things:

William Carrington Jackson

The Beach. In all seasons, but especially late summer.

Publix. I love their produce. I love their flowers. And right now, because it is the best time of year, Fall, they have pumpkins in any size, shape and color that you could ever imagine. Need a gourd for a centerpeice? Take your pick from the short, squatty, moss green one with the sharp stem. Or, the butter yellow, tall and skinny one with the fat, brown stem. And the pumpkins, don't get me started. I mean, seriously, just go and get one of the dwarfed albino pumpkins. They are so freaking cute! See, these were my choices. Who needs a pumpkin patch anyways?

Sweet success after hours of research. I am no stranger to challenges (HINT: my husband). And in fact, I love them (HINT: my husband). I love the hunt, the incessant searching for that needle in all of those haystacks. Its thrilling; its frustrating; its mindnumbing; its rewarding (some of the time). It is a conquest of unchartered territory. You feel utterly alone and yet significant, because you could be the first explorer and your research could be the definition of what is true and false. Maybe a bit extreme, but I just spent 30 hours of my life in a library staring at microfilm that spanned a decade of Columbia newspapers from the 1920s. And, I was right all along! Success!

Thanksgiving. Not too hot. Not too cold. Always too much food (I love fried turkey--can't help it). And, it means that Christmas is right around the corner.

Thick Books. Usually the ones by English authors about London, Whales, Scotland, especially with hols in the country or Cornwall!

Bike Rides.

Being Right. I'll admit it.

Chocolate. At all times. In all places. During every circumstance.

REALITY TV. Biggest Loser. ANTM. Top Chef. Project Runway. AFV. Does Antiques Roadshow count? Don't hate.

Shorts. Which is why I love Fall in the South. You're good for shorts until at least the first week of November, right?

Fashion Mags. Do you read yours backwards, too? Pay attention next time you pick up your favorite periodical. I bet you start flipping from the back. Just saying!

Homecooked Meals. With and for my baby.

Cosmos. Got to love any bar with a special on those.

Baby Talk with the Nef. Nothing is better than Griffin and Aunt Beezy time. We like to smile at one another.

Sleep. And not because I have any desire to sleep my life away. But, is there really any better feeling than rolling over in a soft, warm bed, stretching until you smile, knowing that you just got a full 8 hours and are rested and ready for the day?

My Favorite Time of Day: Baby's Home.

Tonight, I am am going to tie Will to the couch and make him post an entry. Promise!

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