Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mine and Will's new favorite show is Glee. Its funny; its clever; its entertaining. Its stuck in my head. "So, put your hands up!"

I know that its lame to blog about tv. But, after a long day of sitting in a freezing cold library with newspapers literally flying in front of your face, or in Will's case, running around doing everyone else's job in a freezing cold OR, it is the best feeling in the world to snuggle up on our comfy couch and indulge in some primetime television.

We love Antiques Roadshow. Its interesting, informative and homework. I am honing my skills for picking out the next $50,000 trinket at some yard sale that I bartered for and got for little more than a dollar. Just waiting on the jackpot!

Tuesday night is Biggest Loser. It blows my mind. I cry. I cheer. I sometimes yell. I just love it, especially with a big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk. Ironic?

Wednesday is Glee and what a gleeful time it is. The show cracks me up. It makes me want to dance and usually leaves me singing in the shower the next morning.

We still haven't figured out Thursday night. Maybe this Flash Forward show will be good. Will seems interested. We missed it tonight, though. We had family dinner at Mar and Lar's. TuTu's homemade lasagna was on the menu and it was mind-blowing, as usual. Lar's garlic bread is still tasting pretty good!

O and to totally change the subject, I want to give a little update on me and my employment situation of which I have whined about so much. I just quit Groucho's today. Ha. Didn't even know that I had started, did you? Well, it was short-lived, so you didn't miss much. I started 3 weeks ago just doing 2 days a week. And, boy, am I glad its over. I will talk more about it later, once I've healed.... Now, I get to keep Little G!! I am still working with Historic Columbia Foundation. I am an independent researcher, currently researching two buildings on Main Street and preparing a National Register Nomination Form for one of them. AND, I'M GETTING PAID! I am also interning for the Greater Columbia Civil War Alliance as the events coordinator for their annual event, Columbia's Longest Days. It is a Civil War commemorative event of General Sherman's March to the Sea and his burning of the city. Its hard work, but I am so thankful for the experience and the moolah I will receive when the job's done in February. I am also doing some side work as a rental assistant for Historic Columbia, which basically means that I babysit their 2 rental properties during events. Easy!

Will is still working his behind off. He is laying next to me on the couch with a scratchy throat and heavy drainage. Pobrecito. He left work early though and has been laying around all day. Luuuucky! Just kidding. He's the hard worker. And, I love him for it.

So, here's to random blogs!

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