Monday, September 21, 2009

He Speaks

Hello, all, 'tis I, the groom. It's always somewhat difficult to pull words out of your brain when you're being pressured to quickly blog. Hurry, hurry! But I'll try and do my best.

Right now my RLS is really acting up (you know, that condition where restlessness manifests itself in your legs in numerous ways, but never falls short of driving you insane) and my cool, dark bedroom is yelling my name. Holy crap, I'm such an old man. Next to me on the couch is my gorgeous bride. She's flailing around some feathered stick-toy in a feeble attempt to drain our leopard cat of all her energy. Good luck, babe. Jay Leno is on our massive 36" TV, and I'm happier than I've ever been. Married life is wonderful so far. It's actually more than wonderful. I get to be with the love of my life every hour of every day. When I come home, I come home to her. When I wake up in the morning, I wake up to her. Things are truly dandy in the Jackson cottage.

I'm working my life away at the hospital while Bri impresses people all over the city of Columbia. I make the money, she makes the connections. This is all one well-choreographed dance so that she can land a job in WV using her connections down here while I go from working my life away to studying my life away. The next 10 years look pretty grim for me. Thankfully I've got an incredibly understanding wifey who knows that all that work is what I truly love, and in the end, she'll be showered with huge diamonds. Lots and lots of diamonds. But seriously, we're figuring out how to sacrifice for eachother. On July 25th things stopped being about "me" and started being about "us". If we keep this in mind at all times, it will make this whole road-to-surgeondom that much easier to navigate.

Thanks to everyone who follows this blog. We really do want to keep up with all of you now and especially once we finally make it to the hills of West Virginny. Thanks and goodnight!

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