Saturday, August 21, 2010

West Virginia State Fair

Went to the West Virginia State Fair last night with the von Erck family.
Rode the really high, really spinny swings (after fair food: cheeseburger, roasted corn and FUNNEL CAKE).
The guy in front of us fell out of the swing as it took flight.
15 foot fall.
The ride guys barely batted an eye.
I thought: DEATH!
Then, as we spun round and round over the bright lights of the fair, I smelled it.
The 50+ year old couple 5 swings ahead of Hubs and I were smoking a joint.
Super cool, super old people.

Talk amongst yourselves.

And, no, of course I didn't take any pictures, because I'm the worst. EVER.
But, I did pet lots and lots of goats and sheep and swooned over the fluffy bunnies.

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  1. Mmmm...funnel cake. My favorite State Fair food was the Elephant Ears.