Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yes, Hubs and I are alive and doing well. Things are freaking nuts. I was not prepared for all of the things that have happened during this past month.

Ahem. I am the executive director of a museum/historical society.

Does that freak anyone else out?!?!

Please, have patience with me. Give me another week to settle into this new life as Hubs settles into medical school (his orientation is tomorrow; first day of class is Friday).

I have so many things to fill you all in on and to show you!!!

I am slowly but surely getting a grip, but am ready to return.

I miss all of you. I have no idea what is happening in your lives. Sorry for being absent! I am tuning in again beginning tonight.

I think this has been a nice and appropriate break from the blog world, but I'm baaaack!

Here is an early or late or right on time good morning from the Jackson household:
See, still alive even after the torrential downpours/bar hopping of last night. Fun times.


  1. Best of luck with settling down and with the new job! It sounds so awesome, you'll do great!

  2. Hooray!! I've missed you (well..still do)!!! Thanks for catching us up and for vchating again today. Even if it was more of a "who blew up the baby and made the mommy crazy" video. Can't wait to see you guys!