Monday, August 2, 2010


Inside wall of the living room. I know this is crappy quality, but its a teaser.

I'm home for lunch and decided that since I was officially baaaack, I would post this quick pic.

Oh dear reader, I just can't even express how completely mind-boggled I am by everything that has happened.

How do you just leave everything, friends, family, place of reference, behind for a 6-hour-drive destination that you are now supposed to call home?
How does that happen?
Are there 12 step programs for that sort of thing?
Is Step 1 "Move on and accept what you have become"?
Not to mention that this 6-hour-drive destination is now my place of SALARY.
I think this is called the Real World.
I just wish it came with a manual.
Like, turn right here and you will magically know everything there ever was to know about running a museum.
Turn left and DIE.

Are you sure you're ready for my return?
I promise to be happy and uplifting and eternally shining in my next post.
Till then.


  1. I completely understand how it is to leave everything behind. I moved 12 hours away last summer and I still struggle sometimes. But what helps is knowing you are not alone and you have your wonderful husband to keep you company.

    But if you find one of those 12 step programs, please let me know ;)

  2. Moving is HARD, there's no doubt about it. It's like any other big change: you just have to move forward a day at a time, and eventually you'll get used to it.

    I am loving the teaser though! That's a great color and I love the chair!

  3. Wow looks great!

    Medical life is tough, it means giving up some control and going with the flow, and wherever life takes you.

    Believe it or not you'll soon call this new place home - Finally as our medical school town began to feel like home (we were only there for two and a half years) it was time to move again!

    Welcome back to blogging - I was off for several months with our big move too!