Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well, hello marriage. I'm Bri. Nice to meet ya.

Will and I have now been married for 25 days. We moved into our very own place this past Saturday after camping out in his mom's basement for 2 weeks, waiting for our little cottage to be made ready for us. For the past 3 weeks, I wasn't quite sure how marriage was supposed to feel or what it would be like. But, I think that last night, Will and I both experienced first hand the difference between dating and marriage. There is no parting of the ways at the end of the night, where he goes to his apartment and I stay at mine. Here is how it went. Will was annoyed about all of the bugs that keep finding secret passageways into the house. I was frustrated by the job market and my lack thereof. We were cooking dinner in our tiny galley kitchen, and the two of us made way too many cooks. Needless to say, we weren't exactly speaking to one another, but chopping and stirring silently, while dodging eachother between the sink and the stove. Dinner was delicious but quiet, and maybe even a little strained. By bedtime, we had both had enough. I confronted him. He confronted me. We weren't mad or upset or frustrated or annoyed with eachother, but with the house and our situations. We resolved the issue and made up. Thank God for "I'm sorry's."

I had an interview with Historic Columbia yesterday. It went extremely well. I will begin an internship on Wednesday, updating, editing, researching and fixing their briefs of historic buildings. I am excited to have something to do, especially something that I love doing, organizing, researching, editing, writing. I finally have a purpose and it feels great to be needed to do something, anything. Sadly, it is an unpaid position, but my pseudo-boss is awesome. He really wants to help me out in the employment area, and is looking around. Finally, something is happening for me. I don't think I can have another idle day, where the only thing to distract me is shopping for cool things for the cottage. AAAHHHHH. No income = should not shop. If only I could fully grasp that equation.

Our cottage is great. We painted and cleaned and scrubbed and swept and dusted and washed it until it was shiny and new for us. If only the bugs could comprehend our Do Not Disturb policy, things would be perfect. I will post pictures as soon as we move in the tv and put the leaves on the kitchen table. Then, I think we can call it finished and ready for publication.

I have completed 22 thank-you notes and am on my way this afternoon to buy stamps. I totally under-achieved my goal, but at least I got some of them done. Will and I are going to get on them tonight.

Well, just wanted to give a little update. I will post again very soon with pictures. I will also continue the saga of Will and Bri and the night that we met and the morning that followed (not to worry - we parted on the corner that night), but not right now. Maybe, I will get Will on here soon.

Until then.

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