Monday, August 10, 2009

Lies, All Lies

So, WVSOM, Will's medical school in WV, has made a liar out of me! He was not called off of the alternate list to attend this August, so we will be making our home for the next year in Columbia. I would be lying if I said that I was in any way disappointed by this. I am actually very happy to live in Columbia for our first year of marriage. We will be moving into an adorable little cottage in Rosewood all next week. I cannot wait to get my hands on that apartment! I have visions for all three rooms of which it is comprised! Pictures to follow.

Will and I just purchased the cutest bedside tables and lamps and rugs for our bedroom. Building a life together is such fun! It still doesn't feel quite real. Living in his mother's basement feels a lot like it did when I would come for visits, except that we get to sleep together now. We are calling the move to our new apartment "our third honeymoon," because each transition has been so new and exciting. We have agreed to look at each new chapter in our life as another consecutive honeymoon.

Yet again, I am struggling with thank-you notes. It isn't that I am ungrateful for all of the amazing gifts that we have received, or that I don't want to thank the wonderful friends and family who gave us the gifts. It is just that I am completely overwhelmed by the process. For instance, forcing myself to sit at a table for a few hours is daunting when I should be painting a table or washing our cat, Lottie, or doing laundry--all of which needs to be done! Then, sorting through the lists of gifts received and who gave them and worrying that I may have already sent them a thank-you and forgot to mark them off the list really stresses me out. So, I will apologize here if anyone receives multiple thank-you notes. Just know how appreciative Will and I are for everything! I will stop complaining now. My goal is to have completed 20 by tonight.

I am currently on a mad job hunt. I have an interview with Historic Columbia, unfortunately for an unpaid internship. My goal is to get paid for my work, but who can be picky during times like these?? I guess not me. I mean two BAs in Historic Preservation and English haven't really set me up for anything! Why couldn't I have loved numbers and been an accountant??? I am a little stressed out about the job situation. I have called and emailed every architectural firm, publishing company, local magazine and newspaper that I could google, and usually with the same response. They aren't hiring at the moment but an internship opportunity might be available. Thanks! But, really, no thanks. I no longer have a scholarship to support me through my free labor or the excuse of being a student to explain away being broke. Hmm.... real world realization: money really doesn't grow on trees and it kind of does make the world go 'round. Too bad Carnival! had us all believing that love was responsible for that phenomenon.

I refuse to be defeated by this, however. I will get a job and I will be damn good at it, too. I feel that if I keep telling myself this, I will get something, even if it is calling in a favor to be a waitress at Groucho's. Better than nothing, right?

I just feel so guilty every morning, as Will drags himself out of our warm bed at 5am to shower and coffee-up in order to get to work by 6. I get to lay in bed for another 3 maybe even 4 hours, to wake up to an empty house and empty inbox. I feel a little pathetic and a little bored and a little lonely. I love having a job to do and I love doing it well. Now that I am no longer distracted by planning a wedding and graduating cum laude with two degrees, I think that I could be really useful somewhere doing anything! Hire me! Please!

Ok. Enough of that pity party. I have been happily married for a little over 2 weeks now. I can't wait to see Will when he gets off work today. I will have accomplished 5 thank-you notes and finished sanding the table and maybe even have done some laundry. I will have definitely bathed Lottie. There. Saying it out loud and typing it into cyber space surely will hold me to it. Here's hoping!

I feel like at the end of every paragraph I should have ended this post, but for some reason, I just keep on going. There are so many things that I wish I was doing right now, and none of which needs to be done right now. I want to write a book. I want to redesign some body's house. I want to get dressed up and go to a meeting, because I am somebody with a job that matters. I want to coordinate Historic Columbia's next event. I want to go to the beach with Will and forget about everything but us for awhile. I want to move into our new apartment right now. But, I think that I will wash some dishes and then do my thank-you notes, because those are a few of the things that I should really be doing right now.

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